Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec
Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec

Blockchain Development COMPANYin India

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Our Blockchainsoftware development Features

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Fast Matching Engine

As a top blockchain development services provider in India, our blockchain platform has a fast and fully tested matching engine for order matching. It supports advanced order types such as stop-limit orders, functions like partial filling of orders, and is built in an extensible manner to add more features as required by customer.

Multi-Currency Support

Our exchange blockchain software offers support for all leading cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20 tokens, litecoin, ripple and others. The engine is designed in such a way that more currencies and pairs can be easily added depending on client needs.

FIAT Integration

Our blockchain exchange software offers support for all major FIAT currencies depending on the partner you choose for banking and wire integration.

KYC Support

Our exchange software offers support KYC and AML norms. You can choose partner for handling the KYC and AMR part, we offer support for integration with all leading KYC service providers.

Scalable with Real time notifications

Our exchange software offers the real time updates with the capacity to process 1000s of transactions in a second. As blockchain solution providers, it offers the great quantity of exchange engines.

Highly customizable

Our exchange software is highly optimized and customizable and can easily be incorporated in third party platform. Its flexibility and uniqueness help to save time.
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block chain

Safe and secured

Being a blockchain app development company we designed with fully secured and safe back office to manage all customers' activity and core functional logic tasks like manage cryptocurrency, bitcoins, blockchain wallets, referrals, deposit, withdrawals, order, reports etc. as per your set up trading rules.

Integrated with AI

Our blockchain architecture is able to automatically detect sudden trading pattern changes and anomalies and automatically put trading restrictions on the account and alarm admins.

Advanced Front End

The front end for exchange is built in angular 4.0. The front end provides facilities like candlestick charts, line charts, depth charts, technical indicators and easy interface for trading directly from the chart. The full account and fund management is integrated with the front end to give you a seamless experience of blockchain transaction and portfolio management.

Why should hire us for Blockchain Development?

Features of BSEtecBlockchain App/Software

  • Offering high, innovative and creative solutions.
  • Completely user-friendly with high quality performance.
  • Complete transparency towards customer.

Why BSEtec is best among Top Blockchain Technology Companies in India

Affordable Maintenance charge & Trustworthy

We provide completely independent blockchain developers that exchanges in order to maintain the workflow, even the server is overloaded. As a consequent, we never get affected by any server issues.

High performance

Our blockchain exchange platform is designed with evaluated technique that can support high quantity of customers.


We allow you view our code to leave comments, reviews and rate our reliability. Our complete transparency makes you to understand us in a better way.

On time assurance


Along with the cryptocurrency trading back-engine we provide supporting android and iOS apps to easily access cryptocurrency exchange services through our blockchain wallet app. The blockchain mobile apps are native designed for high performance and usability. The interface is fully customizable with respect to color themes, labelling and widget designs.
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How Blockchain Technology changing the World

Features of BSEtecBlockchain Wallet

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Best of the class UI

The blockchain native apps provide fully customizable state of the art UI to access trading functionality.

Charting Support

We have written our own charting engine and are not dependent on any external paid libraries for charting support. Our blockchain apps offer all types of trading charts including more than 10 technical indicators.

Push Notification Support

The blockchain wallet app provides fully supported push notifications for the trading events or other important updates.

Login, Register and KYC

The native apps provide fully easy to access interface for login and registering not only that wallet app provides functionality to directly upload documents from the app itself for quick KYC.


The user has been given an option to set up two-factor authentication and fingerprint touch id to make sure no unauthorized order is generated.


Mobile apps offer news section to keep you updated of important events in crypto world. Apps also integrate data over multiple exchanges to show you statistics of various crypto coins.
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