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Blockchain in Marketing

Marketing is the process of promoting a company’s or brand’s goods or services. The best marketing techniques allow us to spread a product from a small village to every corner of the globe. Yet, marketing has its own difficulties that are becoming more difficult in this digital era! We are all aware of how widespread

What is Blockchain Interoperability?

Every individual blockchain is developed with a particular use case in mind and that’s why every blockchain network has a unique set of rules, protocols, and functionality. As an end result, all the blockchain networks work in silos, barely interacting. But there are also many challenges even if the blockchain wants to interact with other

How To Play Games While Earning Crypto?

We all grew up playing video games like Prince of Persia, Super Mario, and others for free without paying for any in-game items! However, when we became more digital, games migrated to computers, mobile devices, Play Stations, and Xboxes! According to the most recent statistics, there are about 3.09 billion active video gamers. Out of

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is the name of the upcoming iteration of the internet. Just ask the formerly operated as Facebook, which changed its name to Meta in 2021 after CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared the social networking service has aspirations to become a “metaverse company”, shortly Meta. That’s okay with all the new tech buzzwords! But what

Blockchain and Carbon Footprints

Apart from its most well-known application in cryptocurrencies, this ground-breaking technology is ushering in a new collaborative approach to processing transactions of all kinds in an increasingly connected world. Blockchain technology has the potential to reduce the number of elements involved in traditional systems, whether in banking, logistics, the Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare, or

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