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Ways To Monetize A Job Board Website

The most common way of monetization for job board websites is to charge companies. Companies are always on the search for high-quality applicants, and they are willing to pay a premium if they can find them on your job portal. Here are some ideas for generating revenue from your job portal websites. Let’s have a

The Freelance Marketplace: What are the challenges businesses face & how can they be overcome?

While freelance markets have become popular sites for gig workers to locate side hustles, they are not without their issues. Employers frequently encounter issues with current freelance marketplaces because they have less governance and control over the labor. Let’s see how it goes. Choosing an inappropriate professional: Freelancing is contingent-based work. As a result, businesses

How to Build A Job Finder Application

Finding and applying for a job ought to be simple. Job search apps are centered on convenience. This brings up two crucial issues when creating a job seeker application. With the increase in the number of graduates everywhere. There is a need for interfaces like Naukri or Monster to provide them with the right employment

Why a Live Streaming Strategy is a Must-Have for Marketing?

“If you don’t live stream your show you’re missing out on a huge opportunity that your competitors are going to pick up on.” – Digital Manager, Carolina Herrera (New York-based fashion house). Live video is revolutionizing how brands engage with their audiences, making live streaming for marketers no longer a novelty. Other social media formats

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