BseTec has added the following top notch features in the Colorbook AR Plus




Free service to change the app


Free Installation Service


Social login setup and configuration service


Wherever the logo of BSEtec is inscribed in the app, it is replaced with your company logo

BSEtec offers end to end support and solution once you purchase the app. our support does not end with the web version rather we extend it to the mobile app version as well, by releasing it in Google Play Store and Appstore.

Demo available on play store:

Demo available on play store:

  • How does this app work?

    The app uses natural feature tracking based augmented reality technology to detect markers and find out its orientation relative to the mobile camera. Using this information the application then overlays digital 3D models on the pages.

  • Why do I need to print pages from website?

    In order for app to recognize the color book pages, it needs to have a database of salient features of pages. 3D models and animations are created based on the content of the page hence app can only support the pages it has been trained on. For now we have provided those pages on website, but in future we will keep adding more pages.

  • Why is my colored page not activating 3D model?

    The app requires good lighting conditions since it needs to clearly see the color and patterns that has been drawn on the page. If the lighting condition is bad, it may not work smoothly.

  • How can I request for new color pages?

    For now you may not. In future we will provide a wish list of pages which you can up vote if you want that particular page to be supported by App. Based on number of requests and popularity we will add those pages to the app.

  • Can I color the pages on my tablet instead of physical paper?

    You can definitely color the page on the tablet and the app will still work when you point the app towards the tablet. Just make sure that the brightness of the tablet is kept on higher side to avoid lighting issues.



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