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BSEtec exclusively presents augmented reality as a live direct or indirect vision of a real-world/physical environment. The elements are amplified by sensory input (Like sound, video, graphics or GPS data), generated by a computer. With the user-friendly interfaces and unique and high quality graphics, we offer the best user experience in all our augmented reality applications. BSEtec experienced team is all set to help the marketers as well as the consumers, so as to augment the ability to bring new user experience. We enable the branded organizations to deliver increased value to their target audiences and create a greater impact. Read more..Hide


BSEtec Virtual Reality lab is equipped with the savvy engineers, who thrive on highly ambitious projects and that which requires quick turnarounds. We create enhanced virtual reality with high-end software and it is accessible to the user so that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. Our primary goal in virtual reality is to make your vision to reality, exactly as imagined. The artists, programmers and innovative creators in BSEtec are experts in their industrial standard that we easily manage an array of projects, across the platforms and industries. Read more..Hide


BSEtec has implemented Blockchain technology to manage all your transactions of cryptocurrencies. We do provide service for the payment using the efficient way of Blockchain technology. We utilize this innovation to reduce the cost of paperwork and provide you the quantified potential savings service. Make your transactions of your digital currency with our Blockchain system. Read more..Hide


Gain customer trust and powerful branding for your business. BSEtec assists companies to grow better. Our strategic consultancy builds customer experiences, which ensures the creation of relevant brands. ‘Relevance’ is the key force which propels a long term success for a brand. BSEtec establishes relevance and creates customer experience which takes you to the brand loyalty. We make bold and smart moves that push contenders out of consideration. At times, our efforts create entirely new markets and categories. Our experts link the customer experience with the brand strategy, so as to establish increased demand, high loyalty levels, competitor’s envy and a heavy wallet. Read more..Hide

Big Data

We use Big Data analytics with the help of internal data sources and external data sources, so as to get a 360 degree view of customer experience. Our analytic engineers design customized communication patterns and proactive offers to engage customers. With the help of customer data on customer preferences, purchase patterns, wish lists, feedback, enquiries, etc, BseTec helps the clients to generate customer insights, which enhance customer retention, develop new products; improve lifetime value of the customers; boost up cross-sell and up-sell activities. Leverage our Big Data applications and infrastructure, which are created with industry-specific architecture. Read more..Hide

Network Solutions

BSEtec is a leader in offering IT related network solutions and support services for small, mid-sized and large business concerns. Apart from the usual networking, BSEtec team has an in-depth specialization in manufacturing, hospitality, medical practices, education, law firms, airlines, government sector, luxury products and CPA firms. Read more..Hide


Micro Services

BSEtec team endeavours application development in which a large application is built as a collection of modular services, where each module ensures to support a particular business objective and employs a simple, precise interface to correspond with other modules. Read more..Hide

IT Infrastructure

BSEtec comprises of composite software, hardware, network resources as well as services, necessary for the existence, functioning and administration of a business organisation.


React JS

We are making big changes in the way we build the User experience with React library. Bsetec implements React JS in our products to make it more accessible and provide the easy experience as it simplifies the code. We take benefits of this JS to speed up our developing process and create dynamic User interface. React JS has considered to be our tremendously prominent JS among our developers and we take loads of effects that make the greater part of its particular benefits. Assuring you to provide the best satisfactory service and products with the innovative REACT JS. Read more..Hide


Utilizing the profound domain knowledge of our PHP experts who adopt business practices and approaches, BSEtec delivers most user-friendly and complete PHP web application and solutions for various businesses. We provide customized PHP solutions to follow the business targets, hierarchical structure and work process administration of various enterprises. BSEtec provide PHP based business solutions that deliver most attractive ROI with affordable cost. Therefore, we merge both our PHP experience and our creative ideas to provide 100% simple and interactive PHP applications and solutions. Read more..Hide


Python is a modern programming language that has wide scope of application. Here at BSEtec we have in-house expertise in python and we provide all of the following services in Python. Web Development using Django,
 Flask, sqlalchemy, Pyramid and sqlalchemy. SaaS with backend designed in Python micro frameworks. All tenancy models, Support server less architecture. Image processing and artificial intelligence services -OpenCV and -Tensorflow. Data analytics and BigData services -Numpy and -Statsmodels Read more..Hide



Android app development is in the fast-growing phase where Android is considered as the rapidly developing Operative system for smartphone gadgets with its recent updates. Its adaptability; simple user-interface and flexibility have made it most preferable OS. Moreover, our expert crew has deep knowledge of the latest updates to make profitable Android applications. Accessing multi-tools and latest technologies we develop customized applications which are powerful and will be supported for any Android devices. Read more..Hide


BSEtec is the leading iOS app development company providing the complete development services that involve the entire development cycle from designing to deploy. We will become your partner trustworthy web and app Development Company by providing outstanding services. With the dedicated iOS application developers who always do research; assess; and code on Apple's updated new features, we help you to overcome real life obstacles and replace traditional business processes on iPhone and iPad gadgets with full-resposnive; business standard code; and highly effective solutions as iOS apps. Read more..Hide


Unity is the most prominent engine for developing interactive and rich 2d and 3d mobile application. Utilising the powerful and wide-ranging portal, a single high-quality and high-performance code of Unity enables single development with multi-platform deployment.Minimal compatibility problems as it works with several portals like iPhone, iPad, Android, desktops,web,consoles and VR devices. Read more..Hide

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