Developers it’s your Time ! To create a Limitless innovative applications with the help of REACT.js !


React.JS is not actually a framework, but an open-source javascript library, that facilitates the creation of interactive, stateful & reusable UI components.

It is widely used for creating mobile and web applications and makes a simple steps to build powerful apps.This partial update technology is more convenient and topical tool for developers who are creating single-page applications.

It supports virtual DOM, but not only browser´s DOM, defining the most effective way to update one. Its productivity is the best one among all other javascript frameworks.

By using react.js, developers can customize their needs in their development and implement their vast creation without limitations.

Reactjs uses only V (View) pattern, since it focuses on data rendering, while leaving all other components to discretion of the developer.

React views are typically rendered using components that contain additional components specified as custom HTML tags.

The main aim is to boosting speed and simplicity of developing process.

Drawbacks :

1.Possible to have some issues with DOM manipulation libraries.

2.While handling a large set of data frequent re-rendering may slow down the work of application.

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