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NFT MARKETPLACE - Opensea Script

Mint Trades is a complete NFT Marketplace script to launch your Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace Business. Creating a robust and fully functional Opensea script NFT Marketplace has never been easier. Mint trade provides a stunning NFT Marketplace where you can discover exclusive NFT drops, and browse, mint, create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs. The Marketplace is backed by the power of blockchain and its indisputable proof of ownership and authenticity is achieved using ERC-721 standard smart contracts. The NFT Marketplace offers users a crypto wallet through which users can buy, sell, send, receive, trade and deposit cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum for NFT.

Build custom on-demand NFT marketplaces with MINT Trades

Opensea script
Digital Marketplace

Build NFT marketplace businesses like Opensea and Rarible using Mint Trades. This script lets you quickly create an NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell, bid, and trade NFTs on any EVM blockchain.

build NFT marketplace
NFT Auction Houses

Mint trade helps you to swiftly launch an Ethereum blockchain-powered auction house to exhibit unique digital artworks and collectibles for auctions, where users can bid on crypto collectibles, rare NFT arts, and digital collectibles.

NFT marketplace development
NFT Games Marketplace

Mint Trade helps you set up an Ethereum Opensea NFT Marketplace Script exclusively for games powered by the Ethereum blockchain, where users can create, buy, sell, and bid on game collectibles, virtual lands, in-game skins, and avatars.

Key features for NFT Marketplace MINT Trades


System Requirement

The mandatory prerequistes to install our NFT Marketplace Mint Trades software.

  • Operating System : Linux
  • Docker
  • Web3 cli
  • NodeJS : 12.x+
  • MongoDB : 4.x+
  • Angular : 11.x+
  • SSH root access for installation purpose

Our Price




Open Source -includes frontend, backend, admin panel & documentation

1 Month free Support & Updates

Free installation

Single-domain License

  • ERC-721 Standard Smart Contracts
  • Metamask - Connect Wallet
  • Support BNB, AVAX, MATIC
  • Admin Commission
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Royalities, Auctions, Collections, Activities

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Change the app if required at no extra cost


Installation service free of change


Configuration Setup


Replacement of BSEtec's logo with your company logo

Frequently ask Questions MINT TRADES

An NFT Marketplace is a digital marketplace where traders can buy, sell, or bid on NFTs using cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Marketplace payments and royalties are processed securely through smart contracts. All the transactions in an NFT marketplace are recorded on the blockchain, providing an added layer of security making NFT Marketplace robust and less vulnerable to attacks.

Our white label NFT Marketplace Development Services cover every Niche, Art, Music, Real estate, Gaming, Sports, and Crypto asset. Based on your niche, Our skilled developers build stunning websites with ground-breaking user interfaces that are incredibly user-friendly and provide an exceptional user experience.

We work hard at BSEtec to provide clients with powerful design platforms and unique product solutions. We are constantly committed to empowering ourselves with cutting-edge technologies and innovations in order to provide superior digital solutions and NFT marketplace development services.

The time required to build an NFT Marketplace from scratch may vary depending on the level of complexity, features, and technology stack, among other factors. White-label clones are typically much faster to complete.

The cost of developing an NFT Marketplace may vary depending on its complexity, features, and technology stack, among other factors. White-label clones are comparatively economical. We are a well-established NFT Marketplace development company known for our cost-effective solutions and services. Contact us today to begin your journey toward your feature-rich NFT Marketplace.

The term "blockchain interoperability" refers to the ability of different blockchain networks to exchange and leverage data as well as move different types of digital assets between the networks’ respective blockchains. Yes, Our NFT marketplace is Interoperable.

Yes, the NFT Marketplace is interoperable and supports all the blockchain networks like Algorand, Solana, Stellar, Tron, Hedera, Avalanche, Flow, and Polygon.

Yes, Our software engineers can build an NFT marketplace identical to a well-known product, such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, NBA Top Shot Marketplace, Foundation, or Veve, from scratch.

Yes, our skilled developers will assist you in integrating a third-party wallet based on your specific needs.

Yes. We offer on-demand support and maintenance for NFT marketplaces.

Yes, we have created a one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace that tokenizes all real-world assets such as artwork, patents, real estate, intellectual property, and much more.

At BSEtec, we provide a wide range of NFT development services, including NFT marketplace development, industry-specific marketplace development, non-fungible token development for games, sports, art, and other major industries, and NFT wallet development and integration.

Our White label NFT marketplace allows for complete customization and includes a plethora of cutting-edge features.
  • First release 1.0

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