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Holographic Computing – The Mixed Reality

‘THE TERM MIXED REALITY (MR)’ VS ‘VR/AR’ Mixed Reality (MR), the term has been there for years. But because of the rise of VR and AR in the market, it now came to the main stream. When AR became popular among the people, it certainly looked bigger than VR. But MR is just a broad

Android Pie is now more smarter powered by AI

Android Pie – Google’s latest release of Android is here and it comes packed with artificial intelligence to make your phone smarter, simpler and more tailored to you. Google has built Android 9 such that it can learn from users, adapts to their usage patterns and picks up on their preferences and works better for


It is the online and physical designed platform authentication for world use, It helps to validate the credentials by using human behavioral and environmental activities with more than 99.999% accuracy. It will validate and identify the users by real-time (It will handle all account type to block the Fraud activities) with product personalization it will

CRM for Your Business Development

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system that aims to win back former customers, reach new prospective customers and to improve the relationship with existing customers. Why Your Business Need CRM? A Forward View of Your Business. Growing Your Business. Replicating Best Practices. Doing More with Less. Risk Management. Customer Intimacy. A CRM improves

Augmented Video Calling

Remote Presence Capabilities in Augmented Reality “NOT-TOO-DISTANT” I have seen very many times, the cable operators who visit client’s place and wondering which cable to connect/disconnect, where it’s roots and how it has been joined and set up initially. They require their senior operator’s guidance. Recently, one of our office Air conditioners got repair. We