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Types of assistive technologies and how to incorporate them into Learning management systems

Special children with physical disabilities or learning disabilities like Autism, and dyslexia require personalized technologies in eLearning platforms. These assistive technologies aid them with learning the lessons  Assistive technologies for reading: Reading is an important part of communication and education. Traditionally, our school systems are designed in such a way that we have to read

What are the recent innovations in eLearning 2022?

  eLearning isn’t about imparting education online anymore, it is much more than that. Learning management systems (LMS) and other eLearning platforms are now so smart that they help schools to determine the at-risk students who need additional support, and help universities to identify and select the right students. Above all, they provide forecasts about admissions,

8 Simple Steps To Increase eLearning Engagement

 Elearning and learning management system, LMS, has been the latest buzzword in the education industry. As many educational institutions and Corporates are incorporating online courses into e-learning platforms, the need for improving the learning experience has also been an issue. There are several methods and strategies to improve e-learning engagement. Some of them are listed

What Are Key Purposes Of Udemy Clone Script

Udemy is a platform that provides online certification courses in every field.  Udemy clone scripts are the best clone scripts available in the digital market for people who are interested in starting their own learning management system/tutoring platform. The main perk of using a udemy clone is that there is no coding required and is

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