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Create your own digital signature certificate

Blockchain technology has various applications and when adapted into the right area, blockchain can give productive results to any company. One of the most popular applications of blockchain technology is the digital signature. A digital signature, unlike the physical signature, is a virtual entity that can be used to authorize transactions and any documents as

Is blockchain more than just bitcoin and virtual currency

The significance of blockchain technology was in parallel with that of bitcoin and other forms of virtual currencies, however, most people fail to understand the basic difference these two different entities. Blockchain is evidently beyond just bitcoins because it has various applications. Blockchain is a highly flexible technology that can be used in safer storage,

Initial coin offering is the best alternative to fundraising system

Thinking of launching your own startup business? How can you bypass the regulated capital-raising process? Entrepreneurs seeking capital to build startups have long sought out innovative ways in order to achieve their goals. Many startups with blockchain technology can go online and raise a lot of money by creating digital tokens for use as currency

How are Blockchain platforms increasing trust?

Blockchain technology is associated with high security and easy adaptability. This is one of the reasons why it is being used as a base to store data by many sectors. Cryptography is used to give ownership to individuals. The best part about blockchain is that it has a combination of public and private keys which