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How We Help With DevOps Services

DevOps as a service is one of our key areas of expertise. Gain a competitive edge by adopting DevOps services to improve quality, speed, and efficiency with our DevOps services firm. Here is a list of DevOps services we offer.

DevOps Consulting Services

Kickstart your transition from traditional software development and infrastructure management processes to high-performing DevOps. We work with you to develop a DevOps strategy to fuel either a new project or to improve the performance of existing deployments. As a DevOps Consulting company, We will guide you through the best DevOps practices customized for your enterprise.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Solutions

Whether you're looking to move your current pipelines or develop a new one, We offer excellent end-to-end DevOps solutions by designing and deploying end-to-end continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. As a DevOps consulting and implementation company, Our mission is to improve collaboration and code quality by reducing the release lifecycle and mean time to repair in order to ensure easy deployment.

Code Inspection

Every business strives to offer a high-quality end product, and with continuous code inspection, the code quality is continuously inspected for defects. You will be able to test functionality more quickly if you resolve issues at the code level. Our experienced DevOps engineers will assist your team in testing and improving code, validating artifacts for deployment, and ensuring quality build and code reports.

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Automated Testing

Clean code is the foundation of any product. As a DevOps development company, we incorporate automated testing into the product/infrastructure and development processes to impart reliability and increased speed without sacrificing the code quality. The application or software quality is improved with the standardization of processes and reduced errors through our DevOps solutions and services.

Configuration Management

Configuration management standardizes and enforces resource configurations across cloud and on-premises IT systems. Our DevOps service engineers automate the operating system and host configuration, operational activities, and other tasks, to facilitate quick onboarding to new platforms and apps without any waiting period.

DevOps Automation Service

The first rule of DevOps is automation. Automating DevOps paves the way for improved agility and overall productivity. Once we audit the existing setup we create a perfect automated workflow that suits your organization. As a DevOps consulting and implementation firm, we create better DevOps solutions by automating standardized procedures to quicken the pace of the production process.

Our DevOps Managed Service Offerings

Containerization and orchestration

BSEtec provides next-generation containerization and orchestration services to help organizations run their cloud-native apps securely and efficiently. Our qualified DevOps engineers will assist you in developing end-to-end cloud solutions based on containers. The following list of orchestration and containerization tools are frequently used to manage containers throughout their lifecycle

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS


By adopting microservices, you can simplify the app management process. As a DevOps services company, we assist you in selecting the apt microservices that allow you to optimize resources, boost communication, and streamline your business processes. We help enterprises to successfully deploy, monitor, and manage their real-world microservice-based applications to improve agility, scalability, productivity, and resilience. The key components of microservices include

  • Advanced automation
  • Autonomous deployment
  • Continuous monitoring

Release management

Release management increases the number of releases while decreasing the number of quality issues in a company. Our certified DevOps experts with in-depth knowledge of the CI/CD pipeline will help you to implement the best release management. As the best cloud DevOps consulting firm, we assist you in choosing the best release management practices to make your organization more flexible and efficient Release management includes

  • Modularization of deliverables
  • Scrutinization of version policies
  • Version management

Security Management

As a DevOps service provider, we prioritize software security significantly. With DevSecOps (Development, Security, and Operations) security management it is easy to automate security integration at every phase of the software development lifecycle, from initial design through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery. Our security management services include the following

  • Threat modeling and management
  • Intrusion assessment and prevention
  • Managed cloud and data security

Infrastructure Management

As a DevOps service provider, BSEtec ensures product success with infrastructure management. By deploying a mature cloud DevOps framework, we build a robust infrastructure that provides better organiaztion performance and flexibility on cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Our infrastructure management services include the following

  • Infrastructure automation
  • Scaling up of servers
  • Virtualization of hardware

Monitoring & Maintenance

A proactive, attention-focused discipline is required to maintain a trouble-free and smooth release process. With the aid of tried-and-true best practices and procedures, our certified DevOps team is an expert in logging, monitoring, and managing the infrastructure powering your application. Here are a few pointers stating why maintenance and DevOps monitoring is essential

  • Automated Collaboration
  • Improves Visibility For Constant Code Changes
  • Enables Implementation Of Shift-Left Testing

Why Your Business needs DevOps as a Service for improved Efficiency and Speed?

Here are a few highlights of the advantages of implementing DevOps as a Service in your enterprise.

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Increased Productivity

  • Better Stakeholder Visibility

  • Automatic Software Updates

  • Higher Data ROI

  • Reduced Friction between Dev and Ops team

Why choose BSEtec for your DevOps Services

Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource DevOps to the top DevOps development company, like BSEtec, as you transition from traditional software development to the DevOps process.


Complex delivery experience

As a DevOps firm, Our DevOps procedures accelerate the release cycles of all applications, ranging from legacy to agile and beyond. Our professionals ensure that the best CI/CD techniques are adopted, resulting in higher quality, more easily maintainable code, and a quick product release time to market.


Docker And Kubernetes Expertise

In addition to our vast experience as a DevOps solutions provider, BSEtec’s operations teams have hands-on expertise in Docker and Kubernetes


Cloud Expertise

With extensive cloud experience as a cloud DevOps consulting and implementation firm, we constantly adhere to best practices and are well-versed in cloud-integrated DevOps tools and other DevOps automation tools from major cloud providers.