Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec
Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec

Bsetec - A Global IT Services Company

As a global IT services company BSetec is pioneer in offering high quality and latest technological IT services. We are known for providing best IT professional services around the globe whether this may be a software product or IT services. Working with latest technological frameworks and resulting to meet the business challenges with cutting edge solution is our motto. We offer wide range of IT services solutions to assist Start-up, Mid-size Business and the top business giants.

Bsetec – An Ideal IT Consulting Services Firm

Being an ideal IT consulting services firm, Bsetec offers the unique solutions for better infrastructure. Our experienced IT consultant suggests the best way of building the good infrastructure for your business needs. As an IT consulting company we understand the business needs to make your business process fast and hassle free using the ethical IT technology.

Bsetec - Best among all the IT Services Companies in Bangalore

Bsetec is best among all the IT services companies in Bangalore due our extreme IT services and extraordinary results, which trusted by some innovative companies around the globe. We are situated in silicon valley of India, i.e. – Bangalore, Indira Nagar. As an IT professional service provider company our mission is to put on more effectiveness to business with generation next and hassle free technology.

Bsetec - A Top IT Services Company in India

Bsetec has decade of experience to turn ideas into wonderful technical object. As an IT services company in India we offers business oriented design, software development & implementation, mobile application development, UI & UX, AR & VR and many more.

IT Services Companies in USA

Bsetec a leading IT services company in USA bring life to possibilities through IT services. We have a decade of experience to delivering IT infrastructure solutions in most of the technology. We have multi development centers across the glove for IT/software services and consulting.

Our Expertise

What we offer for our clients


Android app development is in the fast-growing phase where Android is considered as the rapidly developing Operative system for smartphone gadgets with its recent updates. Its adaptability; simple user-interface and flexibility have made it most preferable OS. Moreover, our expert crew has deep knowledge of the latest updates to make profitable Android applications. Accessing multi-tools and latest technologies we develop customized applications which are powerful and will be supported for any Android devices. Read more..Hide


BSEtec exclusively presents augmented reality as a live direct or indirect vision of a real-world/physical environment. The elements are amplified by sensory input (Like sound, video, graphics or GPS data), generated by a computer. With the user-friendly interfaces and unique and high quality graphics, we offer the best user experience in all our augmented reality applications. BSEtec experienced team is all set to help the marketers as well as the consumers, so as to augment the ability to bring new user experience. We enable the branded organizations to deliver increased value to their target audiences and create a greater impact. Read more..Hide


BSEtec is the leading iOS app development company providing the complete development services that involve the entire development cycle from designing to deploy. We will become your partner trustworthy web and app Development Company by providing outstanding services. With the dedicated iOS application developers who always do research; assess; and code on Apple's updated new features, we help you to overcome real life obstacles and replace traditional business processes on iPhone and iPad gadgets with full-resposnive; business standard code; and highly effective solutions as iOS apps. Read more..Hide


By leveraging the currently updated technology and technical know-how, BSEtec creates Mobile Application, which turns out to be a benchmark solution for the businesses. BSEtec professionals create next generation customized mobile apps that match with your business goals. Our turnkey user-friendly mobile applications bring magical results that propel your businesses to the next level!! Being the promising, emerging tool in the marketing arena, the Mobile application technology is considered as the next Big Bang. With the intuitive interface, awe struck designs, simplified hardware and software integration, cloud platform, tracking tools, and plenty of collaborative tools, we indulge in creating apps for all the domains. Read more..Hide


BSEtec Virtual Reality lab is equipped with the savvy engineers, who thrive on highly ambitious projects and that which requires quick turnarounds. We create enhanced virtual reality with high-end software and it is accessible to the user so that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. Our primary goal in virtual reality is to make your vision to reality, exactly as imagined. The artists, programmers and innovative creators in BSEtec are experts in their industrial standard that we easily manage an array of projects, across the platforms and industries. Read more..Hide

React JS

We are making big changes in the way we build the User experience with React library. Bsetec implements React JS in our products to make it more accessible and provide the easy experience as it simplifies the code. We take benefits of this JS to speed up our developing process and create dynamic User interface. React JS has considered to be our tremendously prominent JS among our developers and we take loads of effects that make the greater part of its particular benefits. Assuring you to provide the best satisfactory service and products with the innovative REACT JS. Read more..Hide


Unity is the most prominent engine for developing interactive and rich 2d and 3d mobile application. Utilising the powerful and wide-ranging portal, a single high-quality and high-performance code of Unity enables single development with multi-platform deployment.Minimal compatibility problems as it works with several portals like iPhone, iPad, Android, desktops,web,consoles and VR devices. Read more..Hide


Utilizing the profound domain knowledge of our PHP experts who adopt business practices and approaches, BSEtec delivers most user-friendly and complete PHP web application and solutions for various businesses. We provide customized PHP solutions to follow the business targets, hierarchical structure and work process administration of various enterprises. BSEtec provide PHP based business solutions that deliver most attractive ROI with affordable cost. Therefore, we merge both our PHP experience and our creative ideas to provide 100% simple and interactive PHP applications and solutions. Read more..Hide


BSEtec is furnished with numerous exploring engineers, who proceed to develop web applications, using the proven successful techniques. Many security considerations are taken into account while developing web applications, so that the end product is technically perfect and flawless. The stunning, awe-inspiring and responsive websites drive an increased ROI. Our robust and effective developmental cycle is dedicated to build websites that boost up sales. BSEtec ensures to frame SEO optimized websites, which offer extra mileage in search engine performance, the platform which is responsible for improving brand visibility. Read more..Hide


Python is a modern programming language that has wide scope of application. Here at BSEtec we have in-house expertise in python and we provide all of the following services in Python. Web Development using Django, Flask, sqlalchemy, Pyramid and sqlalchemy. SaaS with backend designed in Python micro frameworks. All tenancy models, Support server less architecture. Image processing and artificial intelligence services -OpenCV and -Tensorflow. Data analytics and BigData services -Numpy and -Statsmodels Read more..Hide


The Mean Stack is considered as the next generation solution and is the mixture of JavaScript-based technologies that involves AngularJS, Node JS and React JS. It is truly flexible, reliable, lightweight, super-efficient and faster that has released a new era for web and mobile development. It is simple and solid that offers time-tested mechanism for the data and information transformation. Read more..Hide


BSEtec has implemented Blockchain technology to manage all your transactions of cryptocurrencies. We do provide service for the payment using the efficient way of Blockchain technology. We utilize this innovation to reduce the cost of paperwork and provide you the quantified potential savings service. Make your transactions of your digital currency with our Blockchain system. Read more..Hide


Gain customer trust and powerful branding for your business. BSEtec assists companies to grow better. Our strategic consultancy builds customer experiences, which ensures the creation of relevant brands. ‘Relevance’ is the key force which propels a long term success for a brand. BSEtec establishes relevance and creates customer experience which takes you to the brand loyalty. We make bold and smart moves that push contenders out of consideration. At times, our efforts create entirely new markets and categories. Our experts link the customer experience with the brand strategy, so as to establish increased demand, high loyalty levels, competitor’s envy and a heavy wallet. Read more..Hide

Digital Solution

BSEtec offer out-of-the-box innovative SaaS business platforms and is ready-to-deploy industry-specific digital cloud solutions across the value chain.

Initial Coin Offering

Launch your initial coin offering (ICO) with BSEtec. BSEtec is a leading solution provider for all ICO needs. BSEtec provides technical and digital marketing solutions to conduct a successful ICO.

Big Data

We use Big Data analytics with the help of internal data sources and external data sources, so as to get a 360 degree view of customer experience. Our analytic engineers design customized communication patterns and proactive offers to engage customers. With the help of customer data on customer preferences, purchase patterns, wish lists, feedback, enquiries, etc, BseTec helps the clients to generate customer insights, which enhance customer retention, develop new products; improve lifetime value of the customers; boost up cross-sell and up-sell activities. Leverage our Big Data applications and infrastructure, which are created with industry-specific architecture. Read more..Hide


BSEtec does not stop with the motto of ‘Meet the deadline’ rather we try to ‘Beat the deadline’, with our SEO solutions. Branding is all about gaining a massive recognition. Our SEO team will assist you to land at the right place that can fetch you a unique identity. While the on-page factors like on-page content, image optimization, meta descriptions and hidden tags are fashioned in the right way, the off-page factors like expanding the presence through blogging, email marketing, social media campaigns, etc., are established to deliver tangible results in profit. Our experts can easily trigger out the factor that holds back your website and make sure that you get quality web traffic that has greater impact on your ROI. Read more..Hide

Creative Solutions

Our engineers are the best to chip a piece out of the given issue, by defining a creative solution with the proper functionalities. Our team includes skillful independent professionals to solve the stated problem in an innovative way. BSEtec thinks out of the box and adds a tint to make your idea unique. Do you want to take your products to the next level? Leave your expectations to our experts and our brainstorm will speak to and for your brand. While logic can take you from A to B, our creative solutions can take you everywhere. Read more..Hide

Cloud Computing

BSEtec engineers accomplish service in cloud computing, with versatility and at ease, while preserving management, control and security of the services, without any interruption by the third-parties.

Quality Analysis

A detailed metrics of all the code and database quality analysis by BSEtec’s Quality Analysis Department can be the right way to plan your future development. Our team offers a complete breakdown of each aspect in the application portfolio and take over the maintenance as well as development.BSEtec analyzes quality, change and complexity. A detailed quality analysis alert you the potentially risky system conditions, which can be corrected before an expensive problem arises. Read more..Hide

Network Solutions

BSEtec is a leader in offering IT related network solutions and support services for small, mid-sized and large business concerns. Apart from the usual networking, BSEtec team has an in-depth specialization in manufacturing, hospitality, medical practices, education, law firms, airlines, government sector, luxury products and CPA firms. Read more..Hide

Social Networking Solutions

BSEtec builds Social networking solutions, which are required by people to build social networks or social relations with other people online. These solutions are crammed with a range new information and communication tools for greater appeal. Read more..Hide


At BSEtec, we will integrate robotics into any system by programming robotics software that controls the robotic device you need for your operation.

Boonex Dolphin Development

BSEtec group makes use of Boonex Dolphin as a key framework to build social platform, as it allows us to create a user-friendly in a Social Community type of website. Users find it simple to navigate through the web pages, created with the help of Dolphin framework. Read more..Hide

Google Api Service Solution

BSEtec service includes publishing and managing several services. Each managed service has a service configuration, which declares various aspects of the service such as its API surface, along with parameters to configure the supporting backend systems like logging and monitoring. Read more..Hide

Application Development

Application Development team in BSEtec is developing apps with Great UI (User Interface), high performance, fast loading time, extremely helpful customer support and it Adapts to a user’s needs and Compatible with a mobile platform. Read more..Hide

App Analytics

Our App Analytics solution helps to understand App users and increase the ROI of App. It will make the Apps Simple, Accuracy and Revenue. It also provides you with high-level, dashboard-type facts to estimate the app’s performance, along with more in-depth reporting tools. Read more..Hide

Technology Consulting

BSEtec involves in technology consulting, where we take the leadership role in advising the clients on how to use the information technology in the best possible way to achieve their business goals.

Embedded Software Solution

We work on embedded software solution which is employed to control and manage the limited set of functions in hardware devices and it doesn't usually need input. Its functions are turned on by the exterior controls, either through the device’s external actions or through a remote input. Read more..Hide

Video Marketing Solution

Our team can detain the Web user's attention easily and transport our message to prospects with the productive videos, which are much faster than the simple text. We help you to reach your prospective customers, by promoting the presentation of our products or services. Video Marketing Solution presents the insights, landscape and traders in the content marketing field. Read more..Hide

Accounting Solution

Our reliable team provides a professional, precious service to our clientele, regardless of their size. We service a wide range of clients all over the globe, looking after individuals with basic tax requirements to owner managed businesses of all sizes. Read more..Hide

Quality Frameworks

BSEtec ensures to produce quality frameworks, with the high standard tools and it intends to provide quality assurance, so that the products/services align and comply with the mandated/recommended standard and desired outcome. Read more..Hide

Micro Services

BSEtec team endeavours application development in which a large application is built as a collection of modular services, where each module ensures to support a particular business objective and employs a simple, precise interface to correspond with other modules. Read more..Hide

eCommerce Development

Finding an intelligent eCommerce developer in today’s competitive online market is a hard-hitting job and BSEtec provides a plenty of advantageous eCommerce solutions, packed with online reality. Our products are developed with premium tools and indeed, nothing is more important for an online company's business transactions than a high-quality web development process. Read more..Hide

Lifecycle Management

BSEtec dedicatedly contributes to the process of managing the entire lifecycle of web development starting from the planning stage to analysis, design & development, quality testing and implementation & maintenance, for project completeness and consistency. Read more..Hide

Dedicated Resources

BSEtec incorporates successful and dedicated resources, which are ready to offer service entirely to a specific need. We offer the digital solutions, relevant for business owners who want to get their job done by dedicated professionals. Read more..Hide

Quality Assurance

An exclusive quality care unit works on the maintenance of a desired level of quality, in a service or product. Our attention to detail in every stage of the process, from conception to delivery, makes us unique in our field. Read more..Hide

Wearable App Development

Our team includes wonderful functionality as Wearable App Development which is a category of technology devices and includes tracking information related to health and fitness.

Content Writing

Our writers can deliver powerful SEO content that maintains competitive edge in the huge online realm by engaging the visitors/prospects/clients.

Hybrid App Development

Our functional team exclusively presents app that combines elements of both native and Web applications (built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which enables them to access device capabilities such as the accelerometer, camera, contacts, and more...) Read more..Hide

Healthcare Solutions

BSEtec builds health care solutions, where all the information for maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments are pooled together. Read more..Hide

IT Audits & Asset

Our team works to identify areas of technical risk including application, infrastructure, systems, and process risks.IT Audit Services can facilitate the selection of controls and the identification of technical risk in order to allow management to make strong strategic and tactical decisions. Read more..Hide

Hosting Services

Our team offers the right provider that hosts the physical servers. We allow access only to the service, which is usually provided through a direct network connection that may or may not run via the Internet. Read more..Hide

ERP Solutions

An ERP solution is typically a collection of integrated applications that a business organization can apply to accumulate from many business activities, store up, manage and finally interpret data to deliver the business goal. BSEtec’s experienced engineers provide an integrated approach for the core business processes, often in real-time, using common databases maintained by a database management system. Read more..Hide

IT Disaster Recovery

Our team works to identify areas of technical risk including application, infrastructure, systems, and process risks.IT Audit Services can facilitate the selection of controls and the identification of technical risk in order to allow management to make strong strategic and tactical decisions. Read more..Hide

Elearning Solutions

BSEtec services entail to offer the most innovative solutions for eLearning, where the learners improve their performance by using the appropriate strategies, which are ready to set a novel standard in the e-learning arena, around the world. Read more..Hide

Education Solutions

Our team-mates provide custom education solutions to our customers, in the most simplified way to acquire knowledge through software, which includes benefits like easy compliance, customized solution and simplified asset management. Our solutions are engaging, visually appealing and interactive. Read more..Hide

Digital Strategy

We have exclusive digital strategy plan for maximizing the business benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives.

Data Warehousing

BSEtec consists of progressive functional data warehousing which is a large storehouse for all the data, collected by various departments of a single business unit. The data warehousing repository may be either logical or physical. Read more..Hide

Database Administration

Our team manages and maintains database management systems (DBMS) software. It is also typically responsible for the secondary (but still significantly important), roles and tasks like Database security, database tuning, Backup and Recovery and producing Reports from Queries. Read more..Hide

iBeacon Service Solution

BSEtec offers a complete iBeacon solution to create and deploy proximity based apps and experiences, for both iOS and android devices. We ensure to improve the interactions with customers and help to tract with customer analytics system. Read more..Hide

IT Infrastructure

BSEtec comprises of composite software, hardware, network resources as well as services, necessary for the existence, functioning and administration of a business organisation.

Unity 3D Solution

Our BSEtec veterans create 3D solution with ease and make it highly-optimized and beautiful so that the business organisations can deploy it with a few clicks to get into more platforms. We use Unity’s integrated services to speed up our development process and to optimize our process. Read more..Hide

Travel Industry

Our skillful developers have expert knowledge in entire functionality about services like Transportation, hospitality, Entertainment including travel agencies, cruise lines, tour operators, online travel reservations and services as better. Read more..Hide

Software Testing Solution

BSEtec provides complete software quality services from product inception to system launch. Our software quality services include software requirements management, process improvement, quality planning, functional (manual and automated testing) and performance testing. Read more..Hide

SAP Solution

BSEtec developers can build an integrated end-to-end platform, intended to support users in adapting to the new developments, lifecycle application management, and finally, using SAP solutions in the right way. Read more..Hide

CMS Development

Our CMS development team provide the capability for multiple users with varied access levels to handle a website/a section of its content. It allows publishing, organizing, editing/modifying content, maintaining or deleting from a centralized interface in a perfect collaborative environment. Read more..Hide

SaaS Solutions

BSEtec associate with software licensing and delivery model, where the software license is allowed with a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. SaaS is usually accessed by the users by means of a thin client through a web browser. Read more..Hide

Agile Development Solution

Our team provides a group of software development methods in which solutions develop through combining with self-organizing and cross-functional groups. It encourages adaptive planning, step-by-step development, timely delivery, constant improvement, and also supports quick and flexible action to change. Read more..Hide

App Indexing

BSEtec has advanced webmasters to connect pages from web sites with definite content in an Android app. This enables Android smartphone users who have app installed to open it straight from appropriate mobile search results from Google. Read more..Hide

Opengl Solution

Our team develops portable, interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications. Further, developing a graphical application is to rewrite the graphics part of it for each operating system platform and is to be cognizant of the graphics hardware as well and we can create same applications to many platform. Read more..Hide

Nginx Solution

We make products in high performance, high stability, rich features, uncomplicated configuration, and low consumption of resource. It can handle thousands of simultaneous requests, with high-performance and small memory footprint. Read more..Hide

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