Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec
Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec

BSEtec – An ICO Development Services Company


Beautiful and performant landing pages

We build beautiful landing page to suit your ICO. A simple, crisp and attractive design for landing pages is an important feature to gain investor attention. We provide translation support for your landing page content to make sure that you can cater to an international audience. The website is designed to make sure that it cannot be phished and is fast and responsive even with multimedia contents. We take special care in management of the website content during the tenure of ICO and keep it in sync across the languages.

Countdown widgets and fund counters

Fund and statistics countdown is an important feature for ICOs. We provide responsive and dynamic widgets which are updated in real time to present live statistics of your ICO. Things such as collected cryptocurrencies, their market value in FIAT term, number of investors and other matrices can all be provided.

Whitepaper writing services

We offer technical support in writing your whitepaper. If you have an idea but not sure about the technical aspects as things change very fast in crypto world, we offer you end to end support for finishing the white paper with high quality and technically accurate content.

Creating smart contracts tokens or coins

We specialize in creating smart contracts for your ICO token offerings. We can also form all major cryptocurrencies if you are interested in your own altcoins. We are also well versed with writing smart contracts for your crowd sale needs. We already have feature rich template for such functions, and you can simply choose how you want your crowd sale to run and we can generate a customized crowd sale contract for you. We offer all feature expected form a leading crowd sale smart contract, such as management of discount schedule, refund, auto-issue, airdrops etc. All of the smart contract are fully open source and are owned by you.

Crowd fund management

We can maintain highly-secured crypto wallet for all your crypto currency transactions in an easier and faster way while only you hold the private keys. We preserve complete records and logs of all the transactions for easier analytics. It is almost certain that during the crowd sale you will encounter problems from customer and for issues like refund etc, we provide fully functional and user friendly admin dashboard for you to do such tasks with a single click, taking away hassle involved in doing something like this manually.

PR campaigns

Offering you the tools and expertise to launch and run an effective PR campaign for you and your business. Our public relations expert will identify a clear objective with your target audience in mind, and ensure the message comes across clearly to your audience.

Digital and Social media marketing

Specialize in creating result-oriented strategies which will bring mind-blowing results for your ICO. Providing you multi digital and social media marketing to enhance your ICO launch and help to engage your target audience. Our social media marketing includes content that is tailored to help your ICO draw maximum advantage on various platforms.

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