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Udemy Clone Script

Expert Plus LMS – Similar to Lynda and Coursera clone

Our Learning Management System has been inspired by the Lynda & Coursera clone script, which serves as an excellent classroom software for teachers as well as students for catering for their learning needs. Our LMS can be customized according to the user preferences to create courses for online training with an enhanced user experience that is compatible with all digital devices including desktops, laptops and smartphones and comes with a responsive design & impressive layout.

Expert Plus LMS - eLearning Mobile App LMS for Android & LMS for iOS

Expert Plus LMS curates apps with the utmost precision so that it is seamlessly compatible with Android and iOS apps. It has a very attractive and user-friendly interface designed with a variety of features and visually pleasing themes so that the user gets an enriched and holistic experience. So, to start up your own online learning and teaching platform, download our mobile version of Expert Plus LMS.

Expert Plus LMS - Online Tutoring Software

Our eLearning solution is enriched with a wide array of features that makes online teaching and learning fun & engaging. Create innovative educational content effortlessly by using a variety of course materials and modules provided by Expert Plus. This online learning platform can be used to not only teach, train or learn but also to hone and enhance your pre-existing skills which will provide an ample opportunity for professional growth and development.

Key Features of Our

ELearning Software

The LMS – 'Expert Plus' created by BSEtec has been opted for by hundreds of users all across the world. Our open source lms script has various features that have helped several organisations and educational institutions build a bridge between teachers and students by creating online training courses & education platforms. We believe in quality through research and after extensive research and development we have come up with an LMS with the key features of the PHP clone script as mentioned below. For more, download Expert Plus LMS today!

Udemy Mobile App

Development Features

Our Learning Management System includes a wide array of advanced features that increase the user’s engagement and involvement. These features can be utilised for enhancing your learning experience and are quite beneficial in catering to your eLearning needs. To create your own elearning platform for teaching & training, use our advanced eLearning PHP script for iOS and Android. Check it out by downloading it from the App Store today!

Expert Plus LMS - Udemy Clone Script | Mobile App
  • Course Reminder
    Course Reminders

    The learners will get regular reminders through email notifications.

  • Social Sharing
    Social sharing

    Users can share courses on social media at ease.

  • Course Discussion
    Course discussions

    Discussion forums where the students and instructors can discuss the courses.

  • App Purchase
    In-App Purchases

    Users can purchase different courses and models on the app.

  • Social Login
    Social Login

    Any user can log in via various social networks like Facebook, Google+, etc.

  • Hi-Tech Learning
    Hi tech learning

    A holistic form of learning with integrated video and audio modules.

  • Hi-Course Certification
    Course Certification

    After course completion – the user can issue a certificate of the course.

  • Quiz Creation Tools

    Quizzes help in testing the learner's knowledge by making learning fun and engaging.

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