Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec
Introducing “Professional IT Training” an exclusive training program offered by highly experienced executives from BSEtec



Why choose

BSEtec For Mean Stack Development?

BSETEC is one among the company in the fast growing phase in Mean Stack. Our mean stack developer in total utilization of Mean Stack framework that will do magic and can transform your website into a highly productive, beneficial, profitable as well as effective business. We have a deep knowledge and skill strategies in Mean Stack that make us capable of developing websites along with mobile applications to display your business.

Why Mean Stack


  • Fully-fetched JavaScript library and super community support
  • Efficient framework for full-stack web development
  • Commercial standard performance with 4 power-packed technologies
  • Free and open-source framework for web app development


MongoDB is an open source based on document-oriented data model. MongoDB is one among the several database kinds to ascend in 2000. As traditional relational databases use tables and rows, MongoDB is created on procedure of collections and documents. Documents include sets of Key-value pairs which considered as the basic data unit in MongoDB. Collections include contain sets of reports and capacity as the corresponding of relational database tables. MongoDB enables document in a collection to have various fields and structures. Bsetec uses MongoDB for documenting collections and documents. It enables us to have document-oriented data model that enhance the website and application development.


Express.JS is a negligible and adaptable Node.JS web application system which gives us a robust arrangement of features to assemble single page and in addition multipage web alongside with mobile applications. It is simple light weight framework with in-built features that help build website. It created on the basis of NODE JS functionalities such as simple; minimal; scalable; and adaptable. Express Js can be used to develop single-page; multi-page; hybrid web and mobile applications etc. Moreover, it helps developers to perform their tasks easily and meet their commercial requirements. BSEtec uses Express JS in our projects that reduce the time duration of the app and web development in order to provide you the timely completion. Express JS helps us to build website in a more effective way that fulfils your business demands and expectations.


BSEtec is devoted to giving web development application in great quality. Our expert developer crew has a deep knowledge and has expertise in building active applications, quickly with simple and declarative templates. We use AngularJS, a modern framework technology that helps build a web application in a fast and efficient way. AngularJS is an open source project which can be used effortlessly and can be shared by anyone. The framework helps to build both single page application and line up application. Both the developers and designers use this script for their future work productivity.Many popular websites and many famous companies use AngularJS, now BSEtec is also in that list. Many features, like Dependency injection, Two-way Data-binding, testing, Model view controller, etc., make our developers create a dynamic website. Many of our projects like Ionic, Mint show are based on this tremendous framework. Our developers show their intense understanding of web designing with its inbuilt services. This is one of our future scripts for you to dedicate best web applications.

AngularJS frees you from the following pains

Registering callbacks

It reduces the amount of JavaScript coding and makes it easier to see what your application does.

Manipulating HTML DOM programmatically

Manipulating HTML DOM is a cornerstone of AJAX applications, but it's cumbersome and error-prone. By declaratively describing how the UI should change as your application state changes, you are freed from low-level DOM manipulation tasks.

Marshaling data to and from the UI

Marshaling data from the server to an internal object, it enables users to modify the form, validating the form, displaying validation errors, returning to an internal model, and then back to the server, creates a lot of boilerplate code.


BSEtec has now started implementing a modern, hi-tech framework NODE in web development process. Our experts preferred this script as it eliminates the waiting and just continues with the next demand simultaneously. As it is the real-time web development framework, we can deliver your projects before the estimated time. With the usage of its features like event-driven and Non-blocking IO, building website becomes faster enough which will save your time and you can launch your website before your targeted time. Node Js is most popular as it facilitates easy coding and solves all the database queries which speed up the web development. We concentrate on the immense amount of usage of Node Js, as it increases our performance. Node Js uses same programming language on the server side as well as user side. Node JS gives you everything you need to build your website. The Node will make web projects organized and modular without any repeating code. Our developers create visually stunning and engaging applications which lead you to dedicate all your future projects with BSEtec.

Why Node JS

Programming Languages

Proceeding to its release, Server-side programming was totally proficient with programming languages like Java, Ruby, or Python, combined with frameworks such as Spring or Rails, which differed from earlier JS.

IO-Intensive Operations

Developers can use the same language JavaScript for both server and client. Moreover, with the help of single-threaded event loop architecture, developers can also achieve IO-intensive operations in a much faster and simpler manner.

Bsetec- Best Mean Stack Development Company in Bangalore

As a mean stack Development Company in India, below are our services

  • Web services and API development
  • Android application development for enterprise
  • CMS development
  • Personalized business intelligence and reporting
  • Maintenance & support
  • Responsive web application development
  • eCommerce Development
  • ERP Development
  • Migration and Porting

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