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Amazon s3 :

Amazon Simple Storage Service is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.Amazon S3 has a basic web administrations interface that we use to store and recover any amount of information, whenever, from anyplace on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, dependable, quick, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of sites.

Amazon S3 Concepts:


A bucket is a container for objects stored away in Amazon S3. Each object is contained in a bucket. Bucket serves for multiple needs: they arrange the Amazon S3 namespace at the most highest level. they recognize the account responsible for storage and information transfer charges, they assume a part in get to control, and they serve as the unit of total for usage report.


Objects are the principal substances put away in Amazon S3. Objects comprise of protest information and metadata. The data portion is opaque to Amazon S3. The metadata is an arrangement of name-value pairs that portray the object. These incorporate some default metadata, for example, the date last adjusted and standard HTTP metadata, for example, Content-Type. You can likewise determine custom metadata at the time the object is stored.A question is remarkably distinguished within a bucket by a key (name) and an version ID.


It’s a unique identifier of an object which presents in bucket. Each object in a container has precisely one key. Since the blend of a bucket, key, and version ID exceptionally distinguish every object, Amazon S3 can be considered as an essential information outline “basin + key + version” and the object itself. Each question in Amazon S3 can be remarkably tended to through the combination of the web benefit endpoint, bucket name, key, and alternatively, a rendition.


You can choose the geographical region where Amazon S3 will store the buckets you create. You might choose a region to optimize latency, minimize costs, or address regulatory requirements.

You can pick the geological locale where Amazon S3 will store the pails you make. You may pick an area to improve inertness, minimize expenses, or address administrative prerequisites.

Amazon S3 Data Consistency Model:

Amazon S3 provides read-after-write consistency for PUTS of new objects in your S3 bucket in all regions with one caveat. The caveat is that if you make a HEAD or GET request to the key name before creating the object, Amazon S3 provides eventual consistency for read-after-write.


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