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If you are looking for ready-made app clone scripts , then you are at right place. As a clone script development company Bsetec has developed app clone of some top brands in the market. Below are some of the Bsetec products which give top completion to other brands like Udemy, Doordash and periscope. We provide mobile app clone scripts for both android and iOS. The best parts of these apps are secure, user friendly and customizable as per user needs.

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Bsetec is the best place to buy PHP clone script and website clone script for your start-up. We offer the web application and website clone platform within an economical price. After many years of research and development we are able say our self 'A best clone script company' around the globe. Our PHP clone script and website clone script are highly user and SEO friendly including the quality of the product. All the Bsetec is customizable which save thousands of dollars for an organization.

  •  SocialMedia Plus
    SocialMedia Script
  •  Network Plus
    Online Freelancing Solution
  •  Food Plus
    Food Delivery & Tracking Solution
  •  StreamBiz
    Live Streaming Solution
  •  EMOTE AR plus
    Face Tracking Application
  •  Watch AR Plus
    Watch AR Plus
  •  Colorbook AR Plus
    Colorbook AR Plus
  •  Furniture AR Plus
    Furniture AR Plus
  •  Expert Plus LMS
    Learning Management System
  •  Job Plus
    Online Job Portal Solution
  •  Asset Plus
    Real Estate Solution
  •  School Plus
    School Management Software

SocialMedia Plus

SocialMedia Script

SocialMedia Plus is an user friendly mobile application that is inspired from instagram and lets you create an advanced social networking app at ease. This app is packed with numerous features that lets you capture and share the highlights and the things you love.

Push Notifications - One Signal

App supports one-signal push notifications, By which unlimited notifications can be sent free for al Read more..

Material Design

SocialMedia Plus APP is styled using material design components and material theming to create an on Read more..

Get Connected

This encourages connections between people by which users can follow each of them and get updates of Read more..

Video/Image Effects And Filters

Refine the photos by means of image editing tools and by applying filters to both photos and videos.

Signal Sign-in

This feature enables users to get logged into the app using their facebook account, By skipping the Read more..

Discover User

Explore people of the app at ease via effective search feature and view the profile of each user.

Network Plus

Online Freelancing Solution

Network Plus upwork clone paves a way for simpler way to create accounts for both the job providers and job seekers in your all new freelance website. Since the upwork clone app is available in the app stores, the procedure to start away highly successful freelance software is just a click away.

Angular 6

Network Plus has been developed using Angular 6 JavaScript Framework which brings an extraordinary d Read more..

Django Framework

Django framework is an ultimate platform to create innovative and useful APIs in Network Plus. Djang Read more..

Single View Application

Network Plus is based on single view application concept which brings in all the data from various s Read more..

RestFul Application

RESTful Application is known to as a bridge between different devices and serves as a best solution Read more..

Responsive Design

Network Plus has a responsive design which makes it compatible in any device regardless of its displ Read more..

Skills Management

A User can add or modify their skills in order to present themselves as an apt individual to be hire Read more..

Food Plus

Food Delivery & Tracking Solution

FOOD PLUS is one of the BSEtec’s, new trending mobile food app, simplifies the process of food ordering & tracking as especially designed for food lovers. An innovative way to manage multiple tasks in a single portal with just a few taps. Users can easily search the nearest restaurants using FOOD PLUS app and place their order, which can be delivered on time by the nearby Dasher using DASHER app. Moreover, each Dasher will get commission amount for his scheduled job.


It’s simple structure and syntax made PYTHON, an effective programming language and it is truly si Read more..


Comparing with other frameworks, Django consumes very low memory space and very less dependable on t Read more..

Restaurant Register

Restaurant Registration page is only permitted to the restaurant owners. Owners have to fill all t Read more..

Manage Branch

Owner can manage multiple tasks in a single portal. They can manage Order list from the customer; Me Read more..

Clone Branch

Owner can clone existing branch details while creating a new branch. Rather than creating a new data Read more..


Redis lies with the storage of the whole database in primary memory that leads to extreme speed. Var Read more..


Live Streaming Solution

StreamBiz is another innovative extension of BSEtec for broadcasting using Periscope Clone Script. Bored with just live streak videos then be live with StreamBiz. The premise of the app is that it allows you to view live stream video, direct from your computer, phone or tablet, providing you an interactive viewing experience. Aside from just watching video streams, StreamBiz allows users for real-time interaction. Viewers can “heart” the streams videos they like and can interact with the person streaming the video through the live comments/chat function. Bored with just live streak videos then be live with StreamBiz. The premise of the app is that it allows you to view live stream video, direct from your computer, phone or tablet, providing you an interactive viewing experience. Aside from just watching video streams, StreamBiz allows users for real-time interaction. Viewers can “heart” the streams videos they like and can interact with the person streaming the video through the live comments/chat function.

Angular 5

StreamBiz built with Angular 5 material design in order to have fast, consistent, versatile & optimi Read more..


We used one of the fastest micro-framework as a backend called Lumen by Laravel to offer fast servic Read more..

kurento streaming server

StreamBiz embedded with Kurento server for nonstop live streaming. It provides an open platform for Read more..

Single view application

StreamBiz is integrated with Single View. Therefore, the pages on the application will load one time Read more..


Videos broadcast on StreamBiz has got an option for “Automatic Save”. Moreover, all the streamed Read more..

Map View

Users are allowed to explore the videos being broadcasted in different parts of the world through th Read more..


Face Tracking Application

EmotearPlus is our first and foremost augmented reality app, with amazing face tracking capabilities in user’s selfie camera. With the whole world being obsessed with selfies, EmoTearPlus augments the selfie image with a wide range of live emoticons stickers, which are designed to swap faces.

Facial Landmark Tracking

Facial landmark tracking is an impressive functionality, which has the ability to tract up to 68 imp Read more..

Live Social Media Integration

Live Integration with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is absolutely e Read more..

Real Time Morphed Sticker

Real time morphed sticker on user’s face adds thrills to the enhancing experience. It helps to exa Read more..

Video Recording and Snapshot

Live Video recording and snapshot of face stickers can add more fun to the users, as it jazzes up th Read more..

Watch AR Plus

Watch AR Plus

Watch AR Plus app lets to try various watches, through Android or iPhone camera with augmented reality technology. Project the watches directly on the wrist and compare different models. Try multiple watch dials, bands, straps, colors and various other combinations, in simple swipes on the screen.

Compare watches

Customize and compare many variants of the same watch

Different brands

Different brands of watches supported

Virtual Watch

Overlay virtual watch on your wrist

Colorbook AR Plus

Colorbook AR Plus

Coloring book characters take up 3D form and move around, with the help of our Coloring Book AR Plus app. Changing a 2D image that lie flat on the page is not easy, yet our high-end app automatically figures out the colors of the character and turns it to 3D. It engages the kids; astonishes them; and boosts up their imagination and creativity.

Detection and tracking

Detection and tracking of color book pages

Virtual 3D models

Map the colors from page to virtual 3D models

Interactive live drawing

Interactively live drawing overlaid on 3d models

Furniture AR Plus

Furniture AR Plus

Furniture catalogue books in the stores may deceive you, but not our Furniture AR Plus App. Virtually try furniture in your interior; take a screenshot; share via email or social media; collect feedbacks; and choose the one that fits perfect in your corner.

Virtual furniture

Overlay virtual furniture in real room

Multiple configurations

Arrange the placed furniture in multiple configurations

Different variations

Customize with different variations of a furniture

Expert Plus LMS

Learning Management System

Learning made easy!! Expert Plus LMS helps to offer online courses through Mobile. Unlike academic programs offered by traditional colleges and educational institutes, experts in different niches can create their own courses and course materials and offer to the public, at a cost or at free of cost. Learners can buy courses, get course materials, watch videos, listen audios, learn online and get a valid certificate through their Mobile.

Bootstrap Responsive Design

Responsive design is a breeze with the bootstrap. This flexible system, dynamically adapts according Read more..

Social Login

Expert Plus LMS lets you permit your login through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +. Read more..

Laravel 5.0.33

Laravel 5.0.33 is a fantastic framework which has taken big leaps forward to keep the web lication Read more..

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways offer secure online payment method, as the customers can use their favorit Read more..

Multiple Payment Gateways

Super admin can manage the banners on the home page. Banners on the home page can be used to send im Read more..

Email Settings

Email settings come with SMTP and the admin can manage the settings, by giving the proper details ab Read more..

Job Plus

Online Job Portal Solution

Inspired by original Jobberman, Monster and Naukri, BSEtec has developed the online job portal management system - the JOB PLUS. It is easy to use and includes exclusive productive features like online tutorial tools that enhance its functionality.

Advertisement management

Just by easily including the scripts at the backend, google adwords can be displayed. Admin can also Read more..

Package management

Admin can create unique packages for the recruiters to post the jobs on the site. The details like t Read more..

Browse the resume/ CVs data base

According to the package, chosen by the recruiter, he is allowed to browse the resume/CV database, t Read more..

Jobs and applications

As per the package chosen by the recruiter, he can post the jobs and get applications from the job s Read more..

Job questionnaires

As per the package chosen by the recruiter, he can post the jobs and get applications from the job s Read more..

Orders listing:

The recruiters can login into their account and check the listing of their orders by clicking on ‘ Read more..

Asset Plus

Real Estate Solution

BSEtec’s all new Asset Plus facilitates to build the ultimate online real estate portal, for the property buyers, sellers and also the renters. Manage unlimited number of users, agents, their listings, property images, etc, through a single dashboard and assist the users to decide with multiple calculators like Mortgage Calculator, Affordability Calculator and Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Property Listing

Unlimited number of properties can be listed under Sale, Rental and Lease; Residential and Commercia Read more..

Premium Membership

The property owners, the agents and the builders, who want to post their property for sale, should h Read more..

Map Based Advanced Search

The latest map based advanced search option is included in Property View Page; Popular Locations; an Read more..

Deal with a Dealer

The users can locate a particular agent, either by the Agent’s Name or the Company Name or State o Read more..

Mark your searches

The users can save their searches. If there is a new listing, which meets up with the search pattern Read more..

Bid Management

Property owners or builders can create bid with Minimum and Maximum rate, with open and ending date, Read more..

School Plus

School Management Software

School Plus, an user-friendly software doesn’t need any savvy programming knowledge rather even a novice internet surfer can manage the day to day activities of a school. It is a single platform that helps to connect, empower, organize, share and improve the smart school experience. The advanced features and tools help the management in accurate reporting; enhance the performance of students and to stay update.

Admission Management

Admin has a separate login credential to access and manage the admin page.

Teacher Management

Teacher dashboard plays an important role as crucial operations are performed.

Parent Management

Parents who are busy and find it hard to reach the school to get details.

Student Management

In this module, the students can login into their account and access personal.

With comprehensive fee collection system, admin can upload fees parents.

In this module, the students can login into their account and access personal.

Exam Management

It supports grading systems like ICSE,GPA and like effortlessly.

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