Agile Admin & Operations in IT firms

Agile Admin & Operations in IT firms

Devops is an advancement methodology with an arrangement of practices aimed  for acting as a bridge between Development and Operations, collaboration and emphasizing communication,quality assurance, continuous integration and delivery  with automated deployment.


It’s a process of collaboration of development, operations and testing. So multiple tools are used which is reflected in development and delivery process:

  • Code – Code development and review, Version control tools, code merging
  • Build – continuous integration tools, build status
  • Test – Test and results determine performance
  • Package – Artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging
  • Release – Change management, release approvals, release automation
  • Configure – Infrastructure configuration and management, Infrastructure as Code tools
  • Monitor – Applications performance monitoring, end user experience

Tools such as Docker,Jenkins,Puppet and Vagrant are frequently referenced in devops tooling discussions.

Devops Goal and Benefits:

The particular objectives of devops traverse the entire delivery pipeline.

They incorporate enhanced faster delivery in market,deployment frequency, shortened lead time between fixes,lower failure rate in  new releases,faster mean time to recovery in the event of a new release crashing or otherwise disabling the current system.

Devops expects to enlarge the efficiency,security,predictability and  maintainability of operational processes. It also supports Automation.

Devops integration targets continuous integration,product delivery and continuous testing, feature development,quality testing and maintenance releases in order to customer satisfaction,improve reliability,security and provide deployment cycles and faster development.

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