Without any words, describe yourself with the help of over 60 live emojies. To add incredible fun to your posts and texts, BseTec has added the following top notch features in the EmotearPlus




Free service to change the app


Free Installation Service


Social login setup and configuration service


Wherever the logo of BSEtec is inscribed in the app, it is replaced with your company logo

BSEtec offers end to end support and solution once you purchase the app. our support does not end with the web version rather we extend it to the mobile app version as well, by releasing it in Google Play Store and Appstore.

It takes around 12 – 20 working days to launch the app in the Appstore, as it is perfectly developed to comply with the AppStore submission rules, set forth by the Apple.

Demo available on play store:

  • Can your app track multiple faces ?

    Application has been designed as selfie processing app for personal use case, hence it does not track multiple faces but only the most prominent one in the image. We have the capability to track as many faces as required, the feature is simply disabled in the demo app to keep the app simple.

  • How many face points are tracked ?

    We have the capability to track upto 68 facial landmarks in real time (more than 30 fps). The demo app tracks all 68 points, but for the purpose of augmentation we have just used a few (around eyes, nose and mouth) as the emojis required only a few to be tracked.

  • Can you add 3D objects to the faces?

    We have the capability for 3d rigid model tracking. For the purpose of demo app, we required only 2D (image space) tracking. We can very well create 3D objects and track their orientation and scaling along with face model.

  • How many emotions can be detected?

    We have the capability to detect multiple emotions, such as anger, happiness, disgust etc. For the purpose of this demo we are just tracking eyes blinking and laugher (mouth open).

  • Can you add custom design effects on faces?

    We have in-house artists and programmers to add any required effect both, 2D and 3D.The effects that could be added can be generated offline or can be interactive. For the purpose of the demo we have used effects generated offline.

  • Is your technology proprietary or licensed ?

    All the capabilities and features shown in this demo are developed by us and we own the right to sell or license them. No great software is made in isolation though so as in where required we have used open source technology to assist us in the face tracking development.

  • How many platforms are supported by this technology?

    The demo has been developed for iOS. But the tracking technology itself has been written in low level c/c++, with apis exposed to all major platforms. We can utilise the same technology for Android, windows and HTML5/Webgl for similar application development.



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