BseTec has added the following top notch features in the Furniture AR Plus




Free service to change the app


Free Installation Service


Social login setup and configuration service


Wherever the logo of BSEtec is inscribed in the app, it is replaced with your company logo

BSEtec offers end to end support and solution once you purchase the app. our support does not end with the web version rather we extend it to the mobile app version as well, by releasing it in Google Play Store and Appstore.

Demo available on play store:

Demo available on play store:

  • How does this app work?

    We utilize SLAM based augmented reality for detecting the environment around the mobile camera and find horizontal planes where we can place 3D virtual models of the furniture.

  • Why is furniture not appearing in correct position?

    The app detects planar object such as floor, ground or table top. In order to place furniture you need planar surfaces to put this furniture on. Please point the camera to a horizontal surface for a few seconds before adding furniture.

  • Why is my favorite furniture model not in the app?

    There are thousands of furniture type and variants, we cannot possibly add all of them to the app. We added representative furniture models in the app which are most commonly used. Please reach out to us with your request and we will try our best to add your favorite furniture model to the app.

  • How many different operations are supported?

    You can move the furniture around on the ground plane. You can rotate it about vertical axis. You can scale up or down depending on the size you want.



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