How to create and sell NFT Art: The Ultimate Guide

NFTs are growing day by day. People and digital artists show more interest in NFTs as they give tamper-proof ownership to digital assets. Though we know how much demand NFTs have in the digital market! To create your own NFTs, here is a step-by-step general guide to taking you through all the necessary steps that are involved in creating, minting, listing NFTs, and the cost involved in NFT marketplaces.

How to create NFT Art: Here is a simple 6-step guide to explain how you can create NFTs seamlessly.

  • Create a concept and Get your digital artwork file ready: There are numerous options for deciding which type of NFTs to create. Artworks, Event tickets, Memes, Videos, Gifs, Media, Music, Games, and other Virtual stuff. For example, you’ll need a pen tablet and illustration/editing software like Clip Studio Paint, P, GIMP, or Photoshop to create digital images or game skins. Design your digital work or art and get your work ready in the necessary format like jpeg, png, webp, gif, mp4, or anything that suits your digital work.
  • Install MetaMask: A cryptocurrency wallet is the main component of any blockchain system. NFT marketplaces require wallets to access various platforms, sign transactions and maintain balances. As a result, NFT markets eliminate the need to maintain user account information, resulting in a more secure platform. Every sale or transaction in NFT marketplaces happens only through wallets like Metamask MetaMask is a popular wallet widely supported by Ethereum-based services such as OpenSea, Foundation, and others. It is also available as a Chrome/Firefox extension and an iOS/Android app.
  • Add Funds To Your Meta Mask and connect it to your Marketplace: While creating an NFT, transaction costs, also known as ‘gas fees’ (Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain) may be required. To cover these expenses, load your wallet with compatible cryptocurrencies. One of the largest NFT markets, OpenSea, charges a one-time registration fee and contract approval fees. Creating an NFT collection and selling it on the marketplace is completely free. Connect this wallet to the NFT marketplace of your choice where you have decided to sell your NFTs. A few Examples of NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, and Rarible.
  • Mint your NFTs: Minting is the process of converting digital art into a public record on the Ethereum blockchain. This is due to the fact that digital art would be impervious to modification and tampering. Minting helps to put NFTs on the blockchain. The NFTs can be traded only after the minting process. Minting makes the NFT tamper-proof.
  • Choose a Price: The next step is to develop a sales procedure after learning how to make an NFT. 
  • Fixed Price: You can specify fixed pricing for your NFT using this option. You can optionally specify the length of the NFT listing. When someone agrees to buy your NFT, the selling money is transferred to your wallet after deducing the marketplace charges. For Opensea, the marketplace charge is 2.5%.
  • Time Auction: By choosing this, you have a choice to choose the highest bidder. Just a word of caution, bids are often automated, so be careful not to settle for low offers by accident. Usually, Time auctions are well suited for super rare and limited edition digital artworks.
  • Make a Listing: You must create a listing after deciding on pricing for your NFT. Depending on the availability of your item, select one or more collectibles. Make an engaging and relevant title for your digital content that is not overly promotional. Discuss the function of your coin as well as any underlying themes in the description. After submitting the necessary details, you are now ready to sell your NFTs in the marketplace.

How to sell NFT Art:

Once the art is minted, the next step is to promote your NFT artwork. You can use social media platforms to get the necessary attention. Additionally, it is wise to post your NFTs in multiple NFT marketplaces. This is called Omnichannel marketing. By listing your art in multiple marketplace channels, you increase the likelihood that it will be discovered and enjoyed.

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