Real estate trends – How to gain more leads and clients


With the advent of real estate portals, people are no longer following the traditional methods of buying and selling property. They don’t want to search for tenants, negotiate unending deals, take care of paperwork, etc., Apps like Zillow, Trulia has dominated the real estate market and our app, AssetPlus also specializes in this area. You can organise everything from collecting rents, to monitoring maintenance and repairs, and dealing with safety and security measures in the property. Our property listing script, has a gazillion properties to chose from, so people can just stay in their own bubble, while going through the properties. AssetPlus is a godsend for real estate agents, homeowners, investors and businesses.

To generate more leads and clients you need to devise a good marketing strategy. The best way is to advertise and build your online presence, particularly on Google and on social media platforms. For instance, you can run paid instagram promotions. Go with a crystal clear explanation of the services you provide and use testimonials given by clients. You can also conduct email marketing campaigns and webinars. One important aspect which may not seem so important at the start but prove to be very useful later are quality videos and professional photographs. Such flashy content will attract more customers. You can also start a real estate blog to give your clients a clear and detailed idea of what you have to offer. Chatbots are a great way to connect with your clients directly. Before buying anything majority of people do reasearch. Have a good knowledge about SEO and use strategic keywords, so that you get within the first few searches in Google.

Many people prefer home automation feature while buying new houses, wherein they can control home appliances and gadgets, and power security and safety devices directly with their phones. Our app also gives Virtual Reality tours to eliminate the tedious process of inspecting homes. It also gives a breather to property owners who don’t have to keep the property open and put up with unneccesary visitors and clients. BSEtec, a clone script solutions company, has crafted AssetPlus powered with features like map-based search, bid management, affordability calculator, refinance calculator etc., So if you want your own real estate script, contact us.

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