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5 Ways Instagram Changed the Tech World

Instagram transformed the world, not just technology. Instagram has dominated many of our lives as the most well-known social media platform to date. In many ways, it established the standard for social media platforms and significantly impacted how we interact with technology and one another. Here is how it has changed our world and the

6 Tips for Making the Most of Your Social Media Monitoring

The process of tracking relevant social media conversations about your brand, industry, product category, and so on is known as social media monitoring or social listening. It is the process of “looking for” social content that mentions your brand or product. There is a lot of content published on social media, and you must respond

How to set up social media monitoring?

Media monitoring is a technique for measuring communications and marketing initiatives, tracking target audiences, gauging brand sentiment, and much more. Media monitoring allows you to track mentions of your brand, products, and services across all media outlets, including traditional print and broadcast, online and social. A thorough media monitoring program may scour the internet for

What is Social media monitoring and why it is important?

Social media isn’t only about posting pictures, socializing, and posting reels. It is a huge potent digital marketing platform for enterprises if used right. Social media is a platform for keeping your audience engaged and is a tool to attract customers, get customer feedback, and improve brand loyalty. But now with data science and other

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