Benefits of Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies in E-learning


It’s a cliché that everybody hates to study, boring lectures, pre-exam night study, exhausting projects and what not? Have you ever wondered why there’s so much hatred towards studying and why students could relate to those sarcastic memes posted online related to colleges, staff behaviour and so on? Well, while the students are lazy most times, the mistake partly lies in our education system as well. It’s hard to concentrate on a lecture for more than twenty minutes, says psychological research. So what is the best solution? Gamification. For those of you who wonder what gamification is, it’s a simple technique to make even a boring activity into exciting and fun one through series of elements such as points, competitions, rules and so on.

One of the ways to apply gamification in learning management software is through Augmented reality and virtual reality technology. Augmented reality makes it live like for the students. Think of a giant teddy standing right in front of you in the living room and teaching you things that were boring in a classroom. It is way more fun and engaging and similar to completely immersive virtual reality, unlike the augmented reality. To create such video content and VR supporting software, you can use udemy clone templates such as Expert plus which offers gamification.

An LMS software could become way more fun than being just another alternative to learning. So, you can grab your udemy clone templates to create an LMS software open source for students from various parts of the world to access. Try to think of more innovative practices to make learning fun and addictive rather than boring. Parents would find it helpful as they could finally convince their kid to learn in a fun way. If you are looking for one of the best udemy clone templates, start with Expert Plus tutoring software clone and launch your E-learning platform within a couple of days.

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