What is an ideal way to create an app like a periscope?

If you are one of the people having a plan to own a live streaming app, periscope clone script is all that you need. A good live streaming app should be of good standards and should have all the necessary features. Apart from this, the app should be compatible with any device so as to reach out to a maximum number of people.

We have created a powerful live streaming script powered by kurento streaming server. As it is ready-made script it takes less time to launch your app and also has provisions for customization and free installation once the app is ready for the launch. This exclusive product of BSEtec allows users to publish live videos and commercials. Viewers can send heart and comment on the live streaming video. The app also lets the user replay the video after watching it.

Live plus is a periscope clone that resembles receipt and Facebook live. It contains features such as map view, multi broadcasting, live comment, social login, etc., These features make the app a perfect one. If you want customization in the appearance or if you wish to add or delete any feature, we do it for you at BSEtec

Live streaming is getting popular over time and if you establish your platform now, there’s a great prospect for it to sustain over years to come and may benefit many business companies as well as individual users. Moreover, live streaming is always interactive and lively that people love to use it over and again. Once the trend is set, it keeps spreading across the world and supports people engagement in the social networking world.

For more information about the live plus visit: periscope-clone/ | support@bsetec.com or watch our demo app. You can download the demo app from the app store or play store.

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