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How Live Streaming is affecting Social Content?

Social media is full of engaging content but what makes it even more interesting is live streaming because it is the only medium where the content delivered is spontaneous and without any editing or manipulation. It also makes the live streaming platform a reliable source of information especially during the times when there’s a spread

How does live streaming boost marketing?

A hotel in Japan is giving rooms for cheaper rent when the customer agrees to live stream their stay. This is a kind of a promotion that’s most likely to invite a large number of people to take part. Live streaming is becoming the trend all around the world with the increased use of smartphones.

Start a viral Mobile video streaming service

The virtual world has become a platform to exhibit talents and special abilities. A lot of people have gained recognition and fame because of social media. People have started using social media as one of the primary tools for their gratification. This gives a good opportunity for those who want to lead this generation of

Increase your business view using Live streaming script (Live Plus)

Live streaming is a great tool for corporate communications because it provides a non-paid form of promotion. Many business companies have started adopting this as a communication strategy. Basically, live streaming platforms like periscope provides a chance to do live streaming through specific accounts. When a business meeting takes place and many people from across