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Latest trends and the importance of Live Streaming Scripts

Live streaming has created waves in the corporate and entertainment world. And it’s an absolute winner compared to video on demand. From award shows to sports to fashion shows, it takes it to the next level. The importance of live streaming is slowly being realized, owing to its cost-effectiveness and high engagement. It’s always been

How live streaming can explode your reach?

Live streaming which was primarily constrained to main events, concerts and news, has now been made accessible to everybody through live streaming apps. Through live streaming businesses and marketers are making loads of money, by strategically streaming quality and engaging content to millions of viewers around the world. LivePlus is a periscope clone, suited to

Live Streaming the future of Businesses, how?

There has been a considerable shift from Video on demand to live stream, as it is more spontaneous, authentic and unedited content. Businesses and brands have realized the potential of live streaming and have taken to live streaming apps like periscope, twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live,etc., One such emerging app on the market is LivePlus

Choose the best live streaming mobile app scripts

Live streaming is a term now used more often than most. It’s a mighty strong way to reach and influence your viewers. Equipped with a live streaming app and a smartphone anyone can stream live electrifying moments. It’s a way for brands and influencers so establish an intimate connection with their customers. Whether an event

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