What is the Purpose of Creating a Prototype?

What is the Purpose of Creating a Prototype?

It has become a prerequisite for the business owners out there for getting ahead of the competition in today’s world. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for new and fresh ideas and interesting strategies to improve their product.  

Most service-oriented companies have a business model which is based on a product and its distribution and development. However, these products may become obsolete even before hitting the marketplace due to the rapid technological updates and opinions of intuitive design. 

What is a Prototype? 

A functional version for getting a brief idea of the product and a vital step in design thinking is basically a prototype. The prototype is a rough draft of the final product that can be used to track how the product will perform in real-world scenarios before it is even made available in the market. Before the official launch of the product, it can help to get reviews, tests and feedback.

What is the Purpose Behind Creating a Prototype? 

  • To reduce costs and risks during the product development process– You can reduce the risks and chances of product failure by prototyping. Not only will it be beneficial for you and your team to save a lot of money, which you might need to spend on restructuring and revamp the product all over again after its development, it will also help to reduce the expenses.  
  • To gain clarity on your product– You can create a prototype to gain visual clarity based on what exactly you want to incorporate in your product. Without a concrete idea, and without a defined purpose, you can easily set your product up for failure. Your app or website should be able to meet your user’s needs and offer something more unique & valuable than your competition.
  • To enhance the acceptance by investors– If you do not have a sufficient budget to build an app, you can always demonstrate a proven or practical concept – and instead of having it just in theory, it’s better to make it more tangible for the potential sponsors to understand & invest, and for that, you need to invest in Prototyping.
  • To make the product more scalable– Winning your industry’s interest can be done by having a tangible & functional idea because it helps make your presentation more accessible. It provides the first-hand experience of your service or product that will surely surpass any artfully crafted documents because people prefer material things to theoretical ideas. So, making your point of view provides a visual representation that helps you get a lot of attention in the market.
  • To refine your prototype to have the perfect product– After completing the user test you can adjust and update your version to suit your user needs and preferences. This will help you to create a good guaranteed product to sell.


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