5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Build a Prototype

5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Build a Prototype

Prototyping is an introductory version of a concept or an idea in the world of mobile app development. In order to establish genuine versions of their app prior to investing their time and money into its development– app developers or entrepreneurs typically draw upon prototypes.

Why is prototyping so important?

Those who know the benefits of prototyping their ideas, validation of their prototype and consulting with the experts of the field, are the ones who excel in custom app development. In fact, prototyping has been a proven way in which app development costs can be reduced drastically, as there are fewer mistakes during the product development process and you can actually create a tangible idea which the users really need, without the need of restructuring and redesigning the entire thing after it’s development is complete, which would end up requiring more money beyond the budget. 

Know the Four Types of Prototypes and Which is Right for You

The advantages of building a prototype

These are 5 Reasons why every entrepreneur should build a prototype–

  • Reason #1: Ideas aren’t adequate– It’s easy to just have an idea. However, the challenge mainly lies when you can turn the idea and concept into a physical and palpable form– without putting your entire effort and resources into it before it’s tested by the users– that can avoid the chances of it becoming a failure, which can be achieved by prototyping.
  • Reason #2: Faster time to market– People love talking about physical or tangible things instead of theoretical ideas. Moreover, we live in a world where everyone pays attention to visuals, especially their mobile devices. Society is getting highly competitive with each passing day, and to stay ahead of the curve you need to bring your idea to the market before your competitor. So, having a prototype can really help, not only for validating the concept but also for finding investors and raising money quite fast and easily. 
  • Reason #3: You can streamline the product design cycle– “Failing first and fast” is the mantra these days for getting the ideal design. The prototype brings the trial and error method back to life. It helps to find the shortcomings and early glitches into the surface so that before any more investment is done, the product can be made almost error-free and glitch-free through rapid prototyping. 
  • Reason #4: Get real feedback– the best part of building a product that is useful and unique to the customers can be built on reliable statistics and market research. You need to be very clear about your target audiences’ attitudes, interests and engagements. You can get an efficient blueprint for the evolution of the idea into something that can elevate your market advantage. 
  • Reason #5: Gain clarity on your concept– Fabricating an idea into a tangible mockup can help you to gain a crystal clear idea about how your product will actually look and feel when it’s finished. It helps you to refine your product design functions until you reach a level of product satisfaction with your users and the company. By mapping the customers’ journey, you can achieve the roadmap to define and sharpen your idea.


So, if you are thinking of creating your idea into a mockup or prototype, or curate wireframes for making your ideas come to life– don’t hesitate to contact Protomock. Protomock is one of the leading prototyping platforms in the industry. So, hurry, contact us today!

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