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How can I start an eCommerce business?

In a day and age where we have mobile devices and smartphones ruling the world, people across nations are getting completely dependent on new-age eCommerce mobile applications for even their daily requirements like groceries or shopping. After the rise in the numbers of the Covid-19 cases, there has been a nationwide lockdown leading to the

Prototyping Methodologies and Presentation Techniques

The main purpose of a product manufacturer is to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the result and the final product meets the user requirements. In the first phase of the development process, product teams formulate ideas that focus on solving customers’ problems and sometimes, in addition to conducting adequate user testing, product teams

What is Protomock all about?

The major goal of a product creator is to ensure that the product satisfies the user’s needs. The product teams form ideas that revolve around solving a customer’s issue at the initial phase of the design process. Without doing adequate user testing, sometimes the product teams skip right into the process of product development, which

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