Blockchain Distributed Database Different from Traditional Databases

Centralisation is the term that separates blockchain from a traditional database. While all the traditional databases are recorded, stored by one central authority, blockchain stands out as a unique technology by decentralisation of authority. Each participant on a blockchain contain a secured copy of the record and gets to know of each made. When any unreliable information is being introduced into the Blockchain, it will be identified immediately and is eliminated, thereby maintaining a safe environment for storage data.

Blockchain technology has certain logical codes that make it capable of identifying records and distributing them to various nodes or trusted systems that have to approve of any changes. This makes it a trusted platform. In the traditional data storage, there is a database administrator (DBA) who can make changes without any consent even if there are various shareholders, making it vulnerable for people as there is a chance of fraudulence. In fact, the participant or the shareholder might lose money and credibility on the administrator. Blockchain is completely opposite to this system and ensures that every transaction is recorded and can be accessed by all the participants.

Blockchain development services are beyond cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and to various sectors such as blockchain for education, healthcare, banking and even some countries have started exploring ways to implement Blockchain in voting.

Smart contracts are confined to the blockchain that enables the blockchain users to maintain an agreement which is unlike physical contract. These contracts include the digital signature of the user and cannot be copied or forged. This is also one of the features of Blockchain that makes it different from traditional database storage. If you are looking for a best blockchain development company, BSEtec hails to be a top Blockchain development company rendering all forms of services. Contact us for more information.

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