Surprising Facts about Freelancer clone script need to know

I’m sure by now all of you would have started exploring career options and alternative methods for making more money. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Yes, Freelancing, is a flexible, one-man army, where you don’t have to juggle family life and work. It’s a way for you to hold on to your personality and lifestyle, where you don’t have to dress in a suit and tie every day, eat out or travel.

You might be quite surprised when you see these freelancing facts:

  • Majority of freelancers are women. Women have a lot of responsibilities at home, from prepping their children for school, cooking etc., which is why they take up freelancing gigs as it isn’t binding nor demanding.
  • Some may have the idea that freelancers don’t work as much as full-time employees. Yes, it’s true. They work about 35 hours per week, while a regular employee works for about 47 hours per week.
  • Freelancers can multi-task, they can take up ‘n’ number of jobs in freelancing sites. For instance, one can design buildings, write and translate.
  • About half the population in India and America are freelancers, are the numbers are still growing.
  • Successful freelancing is dependent on individual talent, skills and commitment. If your good at what you do, people will fight to hire you. But who’s to say what?! Fake it till you make it.

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