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The Freelance Marketplace: What are the challenges businesses face & how can they be overcome?

While freelance markets have become popular sites for gig workers to locate side hustles, they are not without their issues. Employers frequently encounter issues with current freelance marketplaces because they have less governance and control over the labor. Let’s see how it goes. Choosing an inappropriate professional: Freelancing is contingent-based work. As a result, businesses

Upwork Business Model: How Upwork Works & What Is Upwork Clone?

Upwork is a renowned freelancer marketplace that was formed in 2015 by the combination of two freelancing companies, Elance and oDesk. Srini Anumolu and Beerud Sheth established the company Elance. Similarly, Odyaaeas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis launched oDesk. Upwork was founded 18 months after the merger of these two organizations. Upwork’s fundamental concept was to

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