5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in the eLearning Industry

In this era of technological advancements, the use of smartphones is expanding exponentially.  By default, more people are inclined towards their phones for everything- from shopping to studying. When it comes to studies, the conventional teaching and learning methods are obsolete, more so in this ongoing pandemic. Students are choosing to study by means of visual aids, which are much more effective than reading books and memorizing.

Learning Management Systems like Udemy have a number of benefits that they can offer teachers and students to gain a better understanding of subjects, which will help them to achieve better results. It transcends all traditional learning methods, and focuses on deep learning – using technology to their advantage. Incorporating Augmented Reality motivates students to engage more with learning and understanding by themselves, and helps them retain information better.

Students these days have very little attention span, i.e. they can’t concentrate for long – and traditional classroom learning methods fail to maintain their focus for long periods of time, which has been a problem since the last few years. 

However, by bringing in the ideas of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, E-learning has helped us build the future of modern education.


How can Augmented Reality be used in E-learning?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as a learning tool, has the potential to revolutionize the educational process for posterity. But how can it be utilised, let us see.


  • High Risk Training scenarios in real time– Augmented Reality blends technology with the real world. Augmented reality can benefit any industry that involves high-risk training. As it can be done in real time, the employees face the same pressure and stress like they would feel while experiencing it first hand. However, there won’t be any physical injury that one would face in the high risk training, without utilizing technology for AR. 
  • Immersive storytelling– You are the protagonist of every story that is provided in the learning platform, which means, you will be in the main role, how fun the learning process could get! The impact of Augmented Reality in education is huge. It can change the way a person thinks and feels, thus, shaping human minds. It builds a connection with the user, who is learning through this platform, giving him the chance to understand his role, character, and challenges to enhance the emotional connection. 
  • 3D learning Models– Viewing static images, drawings, diagrams and charts on the screen can get very boring. This is when the 3 dimensional concept of Augmented Reality comes into play. It helps not only to enhance the understanding, but to give him spots and highlights to learn more about the individual components. The impact of AR and VR is unquestionable. 
  • Medical Training– The training of future health professionals would widely benefit from Augmented Reality. It will help them to teach handling with human bodies, without actually having to operate on real patients, thus, not causing any danger to others. Medical Practitioners can immerse themselves into the 3D view of human anatomy and practice by virtually manipulating and touching objects. 
  • Online Group Collaborations– Geography is no barrier when it comes to eLearning using Augmented Reality. All online learners share their opinions, ideas and feedback using the online discussion forums. The smartphones have made interactivity more effective in the learning process for the millennials. So, AR will help to promote an entirely new concept of online group collaborators using AR where the whole perception of classroom and learning will change. 



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