Prototyping: The New Paradigm for Software Development

So you’ve thought about launching your product? But the journey of developing a product involves numerous steps to reach a stage where it can be sent for production. One such step is of extreme importance, i.e. to validate your business idea into a more tangible form and check it before launching the final software product. For that purpose, prototyping a model for software development is a splendid solution to test the feasibility and the software product can be built, tested and reworked until it matches the vision of the producer and an acceptable prototype of the product is achieved. It also helps in creating a base for producing the final software. If the project’s requirements are not priorly known, it will help in getting the product in proper shape by an iterative trial and error method to achieve user satisfaction and meet their needs. One such ideal solution, that will help you acquire the dream software is undoubtedly- Protomock.

Why is prototyping for software development essential?

  • Make your investment worth it by improving cost-efficiency – First and foremost, it ensures cost-efficiency to your business. You can enhance the product quality at the early stages of its development, before spending a fortune on its resources–like time, money and energy by incorporating prototyping. If there are some changes to be made after getting done with the product, the entire thing has to be restructured and reworked through. But, with a preliminary model, like prototyping, will help to bring about the desired changes early, without more investment or effort in the later stages of development, helping you achieve your goals faster.
  • Ensure peak performance of your product – Nothing is flawless, and apps and softwares are no exception. Bugs might pop-up anywhere, no matter how perfectionist you are. However, to be 100% sure about customer satisfaction, before you develop and launch your software product, Prototyping will help you to prevent such crashes and glitches, and thus, generate peak performance for your users.
  • Customize the software product according to your niché market – If you’re building a software for a particular age group, but you’re unsure of which kind of template or colour scheme will look better and be more visually appealing to bring traffic to your website or app, then Prototyping will solve that issue. It will help you to curate the product in a way that can meet the demands of the market you’re targeting.
  • Prototyping is a sanity check – Sometimes we have ideas that may look wonderful in our head, but when it is applied in reality, it may seem very absurd. So, to bridge the gap between our ideas and bringing that idea to life, to see whether it is good, great or absurd, is an absolute prerequisite that can make or break a company.
  • Better understanding on design intent – Prototyping a model for software development not only presents a strong and palatable visualisation of the design to understand the look and feel of the final product, but also gives the team a lot of time to ponder over the facts like– what, why and for whom are they designing.
  • Early feedback – After a product has been developed, the next procedure involves gathering feedback as to how the product is performing, or how it appeals to the customers– whether to add any new feature or redesigning of the product is required. It also helps the company to have multiple discussions before the development of the final product. 
  • User research and User testing – When a company makes a particular product, customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal in mind, except for earning money out of it, of course. Through prototyping,  the user perspectives can be collected and their opinions, inputs and insights can be known which will help the company to serve them better.


Prototyping is a game changer, that you have very well understood by now. But, there’s one more thing that can make you level up your game, i.e. Protomock

Prototyping for software development with Protomock will not only help you achieve the above mentioned goals, but also help you with designer support. It helps you to collaborate with other companies and work as a team, by sharing the same cloud storage and you can work on your project from any part of the world. Choose Protomock– your one stop destination for all your Prototyping needs. 

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