Building an eLearning platform from scratch? – BSETEC

Building an eLearning platform from scratch? - BSETEC
Online learning platforms has become the new normal- as well as the part and parcel in the Covid-19 era, and this technological revolution has resulted in substantial changes in the world of education. In fact, it has fundamentally transformed the learning process while also proving to be helpful to businesses and educational institutions. As a result, the number of best Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Udemy, Coursera, and others is increasing by the day. These eLearning LMSs are suitable for students of all ages and provide a variety of advanced features that aid learners in gaining a better understanding of their topics.

Do you want to develop an eLearning app from scratch?

Developing any platform from scratch- especially something as feature-rich as eLearning definitely takes a lot of money, time and energy to get developed- and that too there are so many of them already- which gives it a very less chance of becoming successful. The developers take around 10-12 Lakhs and will create something similar, that already exists in the marketplace. 

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So, what can be done instead? 

You can use elearning clone scripts like ExpertPlus LMS which offer all the features like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda etc. and offers extreme levels of personalization, which hardly any other platform would provide. 

Let’s walk you through some of the features that it provides

  • Assessment Tools – Using assessment tools like quizzes, debates, and other forms of feedback, pupils are made accountable from the commencement of their learning and training programme. Assessment tools assist learners in learning new abilities and assigning a level of difficulty so that they may progress through their programme.
  • Collaborative Tools – Collaborative tools improve engagement between teachers and students by promoting verbal, visual, and textual communication. It also aids the learner’s emotional development and interaction with the material on board.
  • Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities – Monitoring and reporting functions provide a more detailed picture of a learner’s performance and overall learning activity. It gives useful information on students’ performance, excel points, and development, as well as their problem areas.
  • Customization & Interface – One feature a good LMS must have is an aesthetically compelling LMS that really can yield out the brand’s full essence, with a combination of eye-catching colour combinations that don’t strain the eye with prolonged viewing, while at the same time has a customer-friendly interface so that the consumer can manoeuvre through the platform seamlessly.
  • Integrate new technologies – Additional technologies like Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and others must be integrated into the LMS since they improve the user experience and significantly raise the rate of comprehension of virtual learners.

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Summing up

If you want to develop an online learning management system with all of the characteristics listed previously, you may use the Udemy clone–Expert Plus LMS to assist you in creating the finest LMS for eLearning. Contact BSEtec now for more information!

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