What is Protomock all about?


The major goal of a product creator is to ensure that the product satisfies the user’s needs.

The product teams form ideas that revolve around solving a customer’s issue at the initial phase of the design process. Without doing adequate user testing, sometimes the product teams skip right into the process of product development, which is often followed by impending doom, as it doesn’t have any traction with the real users in the marketplace. However, this issue can be solved to a great extent by Prototyping your ideas.

What is prototyping?

Creation of a rough draft of the product, which can give the look and feel of the product without investing your valuable resources beforehand. It gives you a fair idea about how your product will function when it comes to market and will it hold any value to the customers and will they resonate with the product or not.

Why is Prototyping essential? 

Prototyping business ideas is very beneficial to companies as it offers the following advantages:

  • You can get early feedback on your product 
  • You can get product validation beforehand
  • It is quite cost-effective to prototype and can save you a lot of money from restructuring a failed product
  • You can collaborate with different companies
  • You can get investors to fund you for building your product by preparing the tangible product idea by prototyping as having a visual idea is much better than theoretical concepts. 

Why use Protomock for prototyping? 

Protomock serves as a one-stop digital solution for all your prototyping needs. It can help you to create mockups, wireframes and ‘n’ number of prototypes at ease. 

Other benefits of using Protomock are:

  • It offers design support – Protomock gives access to the in-house designer who will help you out with all the design mockups and wireframes and you don’t require any coding knowledge for creating such prototypes.
  • It has 24X7 customer service – Protomock offers seamless customer service and solutions and is available 24X7 for the convenience of the customers it serves.
  • It has a user-friendly interface – Protomock has an easy navigation system and also a friendly user interface that helps the customers to access the platform quite lucidly and effortlessly.
  • You can share the URL with multiple users – Having shared cloud storage, by sharing the URL, you and your team can work together on a group project. In fact, you can also create projects collaborating with other companies.
  • You can own subdomains – By opting for the premium or VIP membership, you can create 100s of subdomains, one for each prototype or project. This membership also provides you with a variety of allowances and gift vouchers.

Summing up

With Protomock, you will be able to create a tangible product design at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now! 

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