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BigBlueButton is an open source application used in Learning Management system to conduct a web conference, and video conference to make an interaction between instructor and learners. Moreover, this app is usually used for long distance education. In addition, it gives facilities for constant sharing of presentations and videos by means of the web and it can likewise record the substance. This application is truly essential for the online e-learning as learners can easily access their tutors if they face any problems in their topic or need any information about their progression. Furthermore, teachers can take complete benefits to provide details and share information to their leaners about their course details or about the level of improvement.

Features of BigBlueButton:

  • Tools designed for teachers:
    BigBlueButton allows teachers to share video, audio, power-point presentation, slides, chats, messages and even desktop screen with learners. Moreover, it enables users to record their course which can be used for later review.
  • Live whiteboard for the course:
    When utilizing the whiteboard in BigBlueButton, comments are naturally shown back to the students continuously. Tutors likewise can zoom, draw and write comments on the presentation, making your focuses clearer to remote learners.
  • Webcam sharing:
    BigBlueButton has no limit on users who can share sessions. Anyone can share any number of web cameras.

The process of BigBlueButton:

  1. When you first start BigBlueButton, you will find multiple windows. In the left corner window, your name will be shown in blue and others users name in grey, who joins the session.
  2. If you want to chat in a group or will all, you can use the right corner window for a chat by selecting the “All” tab. In addition, if you want to do private chat, you can add user whom you want to communicate by clicking the + tab.
  3. Furthermore, if you want to have a chat with a particular person directly, you can have the microphone enabled in the chat. You have the option to “Mute” or “Unmute” the user as per your wish. We have three ways to mute our audio, you can mute or unmute yourselves; or any particular user; and moreover, you have a global operation that reflects all of the mark users. You can unmute all users or mute all expected presenters.
  4. To use the Webcam, the icon will be seen on the top and you can change the camera setting. In addition, you can also change the resolution as per the quality you prefer. The webcam will be appearing at the left corner bottom of the window. You can also stop web came, by clicking “Stop web came icon” on the top.
  5. For the presentation upload, you have to click the upload button at the right bottom of the middle window. When the presentation is displayed, the presenters will be viewed on the left side and the viewers on the right. Tools will be displayed on the right side. So you can use these tools if you want to highlight some information to the learners. For example, if you are uploading the PDF file and you want to highlight something, you can make use of pen tool available at the side of the window. All the change you are making will be automatically displayed to the learners. Both will same the same flow of the presentation.
  6. You can also give control to the presentation by just clicking the icon like BROAD. For example, if you give the calculation and you need the answer for that from your learners, you can make them use the presentation by providing control over your Presentation.

Now you will acquire the better understanding of the features and the process of this useful innovation. BigBlueButton is truly the best application for the online e-learning institutors and learners.

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