An ultimate guide on building a Food Ordering Script like Swiggy APP


Technology has invaded every aspect of our life. And why would it spare the food industry? People love ordering food online. They get food to their homes and workplaces without having to move a muscle.

What are restaurants to gain from this?

  • Delivery charges.
  • Additional costs for express delivery.
  • Commissions from other partnered restaurants.
  • A cut from every order goes to the admin.
  • Advertising fee

How to build an online food ordering script like Swiggy?

  • Research your market and be aware of competitions.
  • Approach a good app development company.
  • Check out their website, the features they offer, is the app customised or not, the after launching services they offer and technical support.
  • Connect with them and relate your ideas and additional features you’d like to include.
  • Demo our readymade food delivery script, before purchase.
  • The company will launch the SEO-friendly app for you, and you can start off from there.

FoodPlus, our Swiggy clone features:

  • Registration.
  • Explore restaurants within the delivery radius.
  • Build orders from various cuisines and elaborate menus.
  • Notifications for deals and offers, and order status.
  • Track and contact dasher.
  • Reviews and ratings.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Book tables and schedule delivery.
  • Admin can monitor all activities including revenue tracking, dasher and staff management, customer loyalty points, etc., And when the admin collaborates with other hotels, food joints, cafes, bakeries and other investors, the app will automate orders, delivery, payments and customer support.

So, this is what it takes to start your own food delivery app like Swiggy, Zomato etc., If your game for this, reach us at

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