How App and Technology is Playing a Crucial Role in Education Sector during Covid19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic forced the global market to go into complete lockdown for a long time and there is no industry today in the world that isn’t getting affected by the global pandemic. Many startups, businesses were forced to go in complete shutdown as there were no sales for almost 3 to 4 months of lockdown and till now the market is not opened completely. There is one industry that is still getting affected badly and its impact is more than the profit and loss as the industry is the education industry. The education industry is the industry that holds the responsibility to take care of the students around the world and because of covid, the schools and colleges are still in lockdown. The only thing that made education operational in the last year was elearning. Educational apps and online learning management systems developed by educational institutes and entrepreneurs are the only thing that held the entire educational demand in the year 2020 and present. 

Elearning Mobile Apps

With the rapid growth in demand for educational platforms, The demand for educational apps for mobile is also increasing at significant growth. Mobile apps don’t require students to have the advanced setup or anything but the only thing required here is the mobile with internet connectivity where students can download and use the educational app easily anywhere anytime.

How Educational apps and emerging technologies are changing the face of education worldwide-Today everyone is getting one thing that education is not something that should be categorized as qualitative or non-qualitative but it is a state of learning where students give their best to gain knowledge and teachers give their 100 Percent in knowledge sharing. to give the worth of each penny and value, Entrepreneurs are not sparing any opportunity they get to get the best user friendly and knowledge sharing experience in the online education software. Today we have many technologies such as virtual instructors, chatbots, Augmented Reality, Blended Learning, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, AI analytics, Data Management, and much more. 

Technology is changing the way learners learn. Now education is not about getting a degree but it’s all about getting good in some skills and gaining much knowledge. Elearning can be the primary source of education with the help of technology and mobile apps. And in COVID-19 Pandemic elearning showed its potential to handle the demand for education worldwide. 

Is there any easy way of developing elearning software?

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