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Managing a live streaming app is not that hard as you might think. Since the inception of live streaming scripts like facebook live clone, bigo live clone, it is way easier for app developers also to work upon these apps. When it comes to managing the live streaming app, if the live streaming script encapsulates all the essential features and hails to be user-friendly, there’s nothing else to worry about. Live Plus live video app clone is composed of all such characteristics and gives a great experience for the users as well as the admin.

If you are one of the people looking out for Bigo Live App source code, you are at the right spot to learn more. A basic quality of a live streaming app is its speed and smooth flow of pixels during video streaming, this has been a challenge for most app creators and to deal with this, we have adapted Kurento live streaming server.

Users can log in using their social accounts and start right away with your live streaming app. Features such as sending hearts, comments, following are similar to those in bigo live clone. Live plus tv streaming PHP script gives users a wide arena to explore, share and learn what’s going in and around the world. Imagine watching the beauty of dense amazon forest, although it can be experienced in real life, it is pretty expensive and also it is hard to reach there. It is rather easier to watch them on our mobile screens.

Live plus is a periscope clone app that contains every feature that an ideal live streaming app would require. If you are looking for such source code, we can help you out to avail one and develop an app for live video streaming. The best part is that the app is compatible with any smartphone and can be downloaded from the app store or play store. Check out our free demo to learn practically.

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