Artificial Intelligence in LMS: Emerging trends of IT you should be aware of


Artificial intelligence, robotics and other great technological innovations are portrayed to be a tool for the deconstruction of the human race and the world at large in the cinema. Common people find cinema as an important source of infotainment and as they watch such a representation, they are likely to fear subconsciously that the fiction might become a fact someday. However, the truth is that the technologies cannot take over the place of humans, the ultimate creation. The purpose is to automate certain tasks that are repetitive in occurrence and spend the meantime on something else. Another important reason is that the machines don’t make mistakes that may occur in manual work. So, we can get the ideal outcome of products and services in using AI.

Talking about AI in the Education system, recent research published in marketsandmarkets (Link: ), the global AI in education market is projected to reach USD 3.68 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 47% during the forecast period 2018 till 2023. We can infer from this estimate that AI has great things for us in the coming days. With the increased number of LMS and virtual class users, the shift to online learning has taken place within a short period, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some recent trends in AI that has been proven to be of great help in LMS:

  1. AI in student assessment: It is certainly tedious for the teachers to assess every student in a class, especially if the batch has large student rolls. Even if they do so, there is a possibility of manual errors. To avoid such circumstances, AI can come to the rescue. Students’ work is assessed by the computer within a matter of minutes. Also, the tool helps in finding out plagiarism and other forms of malpractice, making it mandatory for the students to be honest.
  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are have become a common mode of contacting the service provider. Similarly, AI-based chatbots can be of excellent use in the LMS online management system. The representative from a company cannot be available all the time for everyone, but chatbots can. In the LMS, the Subject Matter Experts would train the robots which train the students at a specified time. This is where machine learning comes into play and provides a personalised learning experience for the students. Chatbots also have been an effective trainer in onboarding the new employees in a company and further in the corporate upskilling.
  1. Content creation: As we read various articles on the internet, we don’t realise each time that it could have been authored by a robot. Although humans have innate skill in writing and expressing their knowledge, in situations where content creation requires automation such as sending an e-mail blast to the clients or wishing on various occasions, AI can be used to get the effective outcome. In the LMS, AI is can be used to simplify any complex text that the students might feel difficult to understand.
  1. AI in the admission process: One of the most time-consuming works in the college administration is the process of admission. By automating the admission process, a lot of time can be saved and the deserving candidates can get enrolled in the program at ease. Systems such as entrance test, verification of the student details and so on can be automated using AI technology.
  1. AI recommendation: AI recommendation is common in eCommerce websites which suggest the relevant products to the buyers. Similarly, AI-based recommendation can help the student to shortlist the courses which they want and go further in applying for the same. The recommendation is mostly based on user preferences such as cost of the course, duration, content and so on. Expert Plus is the very first E-learning software that provides course suggestions with AI-recommendation engine.

That is pretty much what is new in AI and it’s use cases in the field of E-learning. If you are looking for clone scripts to create an e-learning app, use Expert Plus udemy clone PHP script.

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