Everything you need to know about a strong Business case for rapid E-Learning in corporate organisations


Rapid E-learning is exercised by developing courses as quickly as possible with the help of rapid authoring tools. This type of e-learning is effective especially in the business forum, where there are tight deadlines and updates keep popping up until the D-day when the training session is scheduled to take place. Also, some companies are actively involved in rapid e-learning as it is more convenient than traditional learning and cuts down various costs. Using E-learning software or online training software can help you achieve rapid e-learning and make its effective use in corporate organisations.

Rapid e-learning involves the use of rapid authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, iSpring and so on. Normally, if a course requires a month or more to create the course from scratch, rapid authoring tools fasten the process and the same can be done in a matter of a week or two.

The benefits of using rapid authoring tools in online classroom software are:

  1. Easy tools to create the courses including the wide range of templates
  2. Quickens the E-learning course development
  3. Easy way to update the resources
  4. Interactive tools to encourage employee participation
  5. Better understanding and knowledge retention
  6. Cuts development costs

To make your rapid learning process better, you can create an e-learning platform like Udemy or coursera using Udemy clone script and post the courses, which makes it accessible to your employees even if they belong to different branches.

The only disadvantage of Rapid E-learning is that it cannot be used to deal with the subjects that need elaborate explanations. However, for the rapid E-learning process, we don’t require Subject Matter Experts. By creating rapid e-learning course we can expect it to contain responsive design which allows adapting the course in different screen sizes, browsers and operating systems. Further, the course can be modified or updated anytime and the same would immediately reflect in the user’s interface screen.

Most companies use in-house experts to formulate the course content for corporate eLearning. Thus, for the course creators, rapid authoring tools can be a great tool which helps them to create the content quickly without compromising on their regular work time. For instance, if the L&D or HR team in an organisation have to brush up on certain regulations and various other updates to the employees, the smart way to handle the situation is to create a quick course using rapid authoring tools rather than creating just a PowerPoint presentation which does not include certain features.

In another case, if your organisation needs the employees to acquire a particular technical skill through an e-learning course but the time is running, the organisation could assign a task force to create rapid e-learning course which conveys the same message concisely and quickly. áIf your organisation needs an effective e-learning software, use BSEtec’s, Expert Plus, which is one of the best online scripts that also supports rapid e-learning courses.

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