How to create a school management software?


School Management System has changed the way the school communicates with the staff, parents, students and workers. Managing a school or institution of more than 2000 students is not an easy task. A lot of paperwork, workforce and records and involved. To save the management from such a headache, school management software was skilfully constructed. Students can no longer skip their homework with lame excuses, because the homework and other details is sent directly to the parents through the messaging system. They get notifications and alerts when schools events are held, like sports day, annual day, PTM etc., and when they don’t meet the deadlines for fee payment. To potentially cut out the manual and mental labour and accounting

Thorough our school management script you can monitor and organise

  • 1. Admissions
  • 2. Student details and files
  • 3. Fees
  • 4. Online payment
  • 5. Attendance
  • 6. Payrolls
  • 7. Examination, grades and certification
  • 8. Placement
  • 9. Campus management ( Hostel, Canteen, Library, Transport etc.,)
  • 10. Alumni

It is also user-friendly and cost-effective. If you want to get your
hands on our school management software designed by the experts
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