How to make a live streaming app that’s more fun to use?

Live streaming is an extremely fun activity and is used by many people across the world. People want to show the world the new experience that they undergo and get more visibility which is why they choose to go live. Going live can be a great tool to communicate to a mass audience as well. When live streaming is accessed by people across the world, they understand a different culture and there is an exchange of values among people.

If you are wondering how to create a live streaming app for yourself, here’s a pro tip! You can create one for yourself in no time with the help of periscope clone script such as Live Plus. Periscope clone script is extremely useful when you want to create a dynamic app with all sophisticated features for better user experience. While the conventional mobile app development requires more time and humongous effort, periscope live app clone which is similar to bigo live clone offers you a better app development at a nominal cost and fewer efforts. Also, you can customise the app based on what you like.

The reason why you must choose Live Plus live streaming app is that we at BSEtec, provide hosting support, live streaming, audio streaming and backend support. Also, as the app is developed it would contain a variety of features including single view application which reduces the load time, replays, map view etc., The Kurento streaming server makes the app faster and enhances clarity.

One of the best usages of the live streaming app is for entertainment. Many people who can’t host a show on the TV and still have a passion for video-jockeying can use the live streaming app as a great platform and establish themselves. Also, business companies can reach out to their customer via digital marketing tactics. This opens a wide arena for the live streaming app’s productive usage in the real world.

You can have more ideas as you download and use our demo app which is available on play store and app store. Visit right now and get back to us at

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