Insights Of Global Risk: Artificial Intelligence

Every country in the world is achieving milestones in terms of innovation and technical upgrades. It is good to see that the major part of these milestones is achieved by innovative entrepreneurs and the new minds of the country. It is good to see that entrepreneurs are implementing new technologies in platforms to make it available to the general public. 

In the year 2020, The most advanced and promising technology that is attracting genius minds of the world is Artificial Intelligence. AI has the potential to improve the working and performance of nearly any business, technology, and platform.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is an advanced computer program that gives machines the liberty to think, observe, and act just like human beings. Here is the thing, When we write a program in a computer, It only gives us the output based on the program but in Machines with AI, They get a program from us, and they analyze the best possible output based on many things like past data, predictions, and manners of processing.

But that’s just a start and think about the possibilities, If machines do all these tasks of thinking, analyzing and upgrading in something better and in a lesser time. 

What is the impact of AI in my life?

We are currently using AI in our daily life and we are so dependent on it right now. We’ll tell you how.

You are sending tens of emails daily and you see the emails you receive always get categorized automatically. AI automatically categorizes your incoming eMails in promotions, social, and Primary categories. Also, The AI recognized and understood the coding patterns of spam eMails. 

Another example you can see like you are seeing the ad network over the internet today is getting better. You searched the Apple iPhone on the internet and now when you scroll Instagram or Facebook, You are watching the ads of the iPhone. This is also because of the AI-based ad network. 

There is nothing wrong with recommending your products or services by analyzing your search patterns or analyzing your keywords search. They don’t gather the personal information but they just detect the pattern of keywords and only suggest based on them. These things are genius if only did ethically without disrupting the right to privacy of consumers. 

The impact of AI is also getting huge on us because this is only one percent of AI that we are experiencing right now. There are many things that we currently don’t even know and now this is an opportunity for this generation to explore this technology and get the most out of it ethically. 

What are the types of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is typically divided into Two Types. 

Type 1 includes

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence
  • General Artificial Intelligence
  • Super Artificial Intelligence

Type 2 includes

  • Reactive machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self-awareness 

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (NAI)

Narrow AI is the most common and the most basic AI that is currently operational in the majority of tasks right now. The tasks like recommendations, General arcade games, Keyword analysis. Many companies like IBM, Google, and Microsoft’s supercomputers generally come under Narrow AI combined with machine learning and Natural language processing. 

General Artificial Intelligence

This is something that we can call our next call and the future of AI. General AI is currently under development and deep research because General AI machines will be able to think and act just like human beings. We are currently on the Narrow AI, and we are rapidly researching general AI to achieve more information so that we go on implementing it in the most safer way possible. 

Super Artificial Intelligence

Super AI is the stage for what humans are most scared and thrilled about. Because if we reach this stage then AI will surpass human intelligence in terms of technological advantage, and at this level, AI will be the most advanced intelligence on the planet. And we could get answers to every difficult or most difficult question very easily. But apart from incredible intelligence, Here comes the scary part that AI may be unstoppable. And with the unlimited potential of decision making by powerful machines, It may attack human existence.

Reactive Machines

Reactive Machines are the oldest and most basic form of AI. That is still working like it helps machines learn basic human capabilities and simulates the action according to the past experiences and data collected from previous actions. The most popular and common examples of Reactive Machines are IBM’s deep blue machine and Google’s AlphaGo. IBM’s deep blue is also called the advanced chess-playing system that even beats chess legend, Garry Kasparov, in 1997. 

Limited Memory

This is the modern-day category. Limited memory machines have all the capabilities of Reactive Machines and in addition to that, it has the potential of learning and upgrading its decision-making power with more accurately analyzed historical actions and data. Almost all the new and present AI machines right now usable come under this category. Examples like Chatbots, Advanced analytical tools, virtual technologies are operational on the limited memory AI system. 

Theory of Mind

We are currently able to achieve success in only the Reactive and limited memory stage, and till now, This will be the next step for AI to get. The theory of mind AI system only exists as an additional theory and is currently under process by the genius minds of the planet. In this category, machines will be able to learn working and analyzing based on human emotions, beliefs, and other thought processes. This stage is purely based on understanding the behaviors and characteristics of innovation. 

Self Awareness

This can be the most advanced and genius stage of AI because at this stage it will no longer work on human beliefs, sentiments, experiences, or data. But it will adopt its own beliefs and sentiments. Till now we are at the theoretical stage only and maybe it’s too soon to talk about this stage because it is only at the conspiracy stage and we only know one thing that if AI development comes at this stage then it will be the most perfect and powerful intelligence on the planet.  

Why AI is considered the future Global Risk, and what are the strategies to prevent it in the future?

Artificial Intelligence is currently at the no harm stage and we as human intelligence are doing well in this category in terms of using this technology very productively and safely. But in our thoughts, there’s nothing to worry about right now because AI is currently at the basic stage, And there is a lot to come. 

At the time we will be reaching the next stage, then at that time, it may be risky for human life because then we will not be the only species on this planet that will be having the power of decision making and thinking about possibilities. Machines will also be having this power. The reason it is considered as the future global risk is that if machines will be able to think about the comparison between them and human intelligence then that would be the biggest disaster because we already are designing them to be the fastest and most powerful intelligence. They may challenge our existence.

But there are some long term strategies that we can adopt because we are at an early stage only. As the superior intelligence, the only way to prevent any risk from AI is to think about the benefits and only work on those. The more we think about innovating new ideas to balance both human and machine intelligence, Then the more it will be in control of humans, and in this way, it will be more limited. Also, we may form boards and independent organizations to keep an eye on institutions and companies in the field of AI to monitor their progress and work to make sure everything is going ethically and under pure control. 


It is too soon to be worried about Artificial intelligence in our thoughts because we have a lot of time to carry out long term strategies to make sure that we do not carry any risks along with the development of highly complicated and most advanced intelligence on the planet. We think AI is the best thing that human intelligence could achieve if kept in control and if we will be able to go far in understanding machine learning and deep learning, Then we might find solutions to get the whole control over this technology by using it at its maximum capacity. 

We at BSETec also invite entrepreneurs to come forward and build a platform with AI with us to innovate the new techniques and ways to use this incredible technology with the lowest risk and perfect balance. For more information and details about the AI-based platforms. Get in touch with us today at BSETec.

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