Motivate your learners based on the Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction (ARCS) model

Instruction does much but motivation does everything. The ARCS model which stands for Attention Relevance Confidence Satisfaction devised by John Keller centres on rendering motivation to learners. This model is the key for e-learning since motivating learners in an online course is much more arduous than in conventional courses.

Our udemy clone, Expert Plus designed in such a way that it provides both quality education and motivation side by side. It makes sure to grab the Attention of the learners by featuring videos, tutorials, short lectures, brainstorming activities, fun quizzes etc., It has a variety of teaching methods so that the students get fully involved in the classes. They can also ask questions and get the professional opinion of experts. The subject matter is Relevant to what the students encounter in daily life. It gives real-life examples so that students can connect to the course on a personal level.

It also endows Confidence by setting easy tasks at the start and slowly raising the complexity bar. If the bar is set too high the students will not be able to compete or meet the target and they will lose hope and be demotivated. Our e-learning software also assesses the performance and results of each individual and provides valuable feedback and support. Finally with guaranteed success comes Satisfaction. When users find use of their skill in the real-world then they feel satisfied and happy with the effort and hard work they put in. Expert Plus is one of the best website clone scripts with unbeatable features like bootstrap responsive design, Forum management, internal message system, language setting, course certification etc., So, head straight to our website to get your hands on your very own online tutoring software.

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