Online Teaching for Combating Lockdown of COVID-19 for students in India


E-learning was earlier considered to be creating a knowledge gap between the students who have access to the internet and those who don’t. although this prevails, it is significant that most of the students have access to the internet these days, we can see a lot of people from rural and lower-middle-class background owning a mobile phone with internet connectivity. So, the only task left is to make them use the resources on the internet effectively to learn and earn. To bring the students under one platform and make them learn effectively, udemy clone open source script can be used to create an E-learning software which creates a great impact on the students.

Also, the times of COVID 19 pandemic has brought about a compulsion to stay at home which is the reason why online education sector is booming. Most e-learning portal admins have been using udemy clone or Lynda clone code canyon to create an ideal e-learning platform. There are several advantages in using an LMS, such as flexibility to learn, an unlimited number of courses and so on. During the lockdown, the students cannot go out to colleges or education centres, yet they could learn right from wherever they are using an LMS.

So, if you are looking forward to creating an LMS platform for students to learn, it is a great opportunity during this time. Perhaps, it contributes to improve the skills of the students and to make effective use of their long absence from schools.

When you create an app with all essential features and offer courses for a nominal cost, a lot of students would turn up and attend the courses, thereby increasing your user base. Start your E-learning venture today using Expert Plus udemy clone script. Check out our free demo and create your app today.

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