The latest trends on remote work and freelancing


Working according to your whims and fancies was never thought possible until now. Freelancers were generally seen as lone wolves, roaming from job to job, but nowadays peoples opinions and mindset has changed. Our open source freelancer clone, NetworkPlus, houses such freelancers and enables them to build a community of like-minded freelancers. People who are in need of the employee benefits the organisations’ offer, prefer ‘work at home’ jobs or remote work. This means they are employed by the company but they are not required to be physically present at the office. Let’s go through the latest trends in remote work and freelancing.

A platform for every profession:

Almost all professions occupies a space in the Freelancing world. From doctors and nurses to writers, musicians, engineers and scientists, there are Freelancing jobs for everyone.

Freelancer service and community support:

The lack of social and financial support to freelancers won’t last. As the organisations offer more incentives and bonuses for good work done, there will be an increase in freelancer dedication and exclusivity. Organisations who don’t resort to this new talent source will soon be at a great loss.

Firms within Firms:

Freelancing teams are joining together and creating firms within firms. These small teams enjoy working together, collaborate, support, have structure and leadership.


For some fields of freelancers, hourly pay doesn’t work. They are the ones related to music, literature, art etc., Thus they require continuous funding to support their work type.

Rise of hybrid in-office and remote-based companies:

Instead of completely switching to a remote-based environment, employees can work a few days a week from home.

Remote work collaboration tools:

Remote friendly, collaborative software and cyber-security systems are on the rise, so that team members can work from different locations and timezones while avoiding the isolation challenges they face.

While freelancers and remote-working are part-time or a side gig for many, a growing number are making a living by freelancing. A survey states that the growth of the freelance workforce is three times faster than the traditional workforce. If you want to get hold of your own upwork clone codecanyon, NetworkPlus, contact BSEtec.

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