The Online Academy apps See an Unprecedented surge – Insights of revenue and growth

Recent unfortunate events have led to a remarkable and one might even say record-breaking growth in the registrations in Online academy apps. E-learning apps which are synonymous with creativity and opportunity, are now put to great use, as a way for life to go on as normally and productively as possible for learners, globally. That being said, ExpertPlus a learning management system empowers educators to create courses online and post them for the benefit of students quarantined at home. There is also propelling demand for creative and customised courses, with a high engagement level. Even employees have taken to e-learning apps to up-skill and explore new career opportunities.


  • COVID-19 has caused a spike in e-learning platforms, and as far as revenue as concerned, it is expected to contribute nearly $70 billion by 2025.
  • Popular e-learning apps like Coursera added 37 million learners in India alone.
  • Apart from this, there have been inquests from educational institutions in and around our country. And approximately 700 universities in India have enrolled in Coursera and over 3000 universities abroad signed up in E-learning platforms.

During this crisis, some courses are offered free of cost with certification. Courses for mental wellness, language development, technological advances, courses on science and art like photography, filmmaking, AR/VR etc., And our LMS software takes care of all the rest of your work, like keeping an eye on registrations, managing courses, finding out which courses are popular, analysing student performance etc., So we become a global community of students and tutors, to spread hope, love and positivity to battle these difficult times. To get yourself an LMS software open source, you know where to get us.

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