It is the online and physical designed platform authentication for world use, It helps to validate the credentials by using human behavioral and environmental activities with more than 99.999% accuracy.

It will validate and identify the users by real-time (It will handle all account type to block the Fraud activities) with product personalization it will improve the experience of customer. It will replace the passwords in cumbersome and also replace Tokens with MFS without adding friction.

UnifyID read from our device sensor data, passively from out actions. like the fitness app waking and moving.

The old password method it is easy for hackers, because they can find your answer and also they can answer to your security questions. The hacker will easily hack these type of password on the internet black market.

By the UnifyID use a system to revel the secret by developing a program or service into it, But in this view these technique will not be sustainable or scalable, but the UnifyID found a way with much better for an implicit authentication.

These system build and develop for understanding who you are by the activity and the devices you are using instead of sending password simply and also in will read and collect data by the place you go, the sensors will track and interact with you a day. For simply saying this begin to build to check the reasonable profile and compute a score based on the likelihood to find it’s you.

The UnifyID designed to identify an know that you are unique and also you have your own behavior and different way of behaving that helps to find unifyID to authenticate.

The First product of the UnifyID a beta version launched in TechCrunch Disrupt. It is the simple chrome browser extension which will available only for IOS app now. They are developing for android may be it will release by next month.

For installation just download the browser extension, remaining this it will do. It will begin to read and collect data about you and your behavior. Instead of asking user name and password in the website, It login for you by using UnifyID, so long by a confident tracking to verify its you for a successful login. If there any question such as secret question, It will to your phone such as asking your Touch ID.

If we are concern about the UnifyID collecting our data and misuse it means, We don’t need to worry because We have the complete control for our data, Its tracked and located inside our device itself by encrypted data, It will not store in back-end and cloud servers.

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